April 2013 - Miss Kindergarten

Common Core Math Games!

I love making games and I love teaching math, so when they come together I am one happy teacher! Last year I made these fishy themed math games and they were a huge hit! I wanted to share with you the concept of each game so that you can use it in your classroom too!

All of these games are in my Something's Fishy Common Core math games pack on TpT. There are 9 easy to prep games...some don't even need cutting!

Go Fish!
This game is a take on the classic Go Fish game, but rather than just asking for a number, the students ask for the sum of their math problem. They will say "Do you have 1+3?"
 If the person has the sum, they make a set and keep the cards. I also color coded the cards so that the equations and answer math to make it an easy self check.

Fishing for Numbers
This game is great for practicing greater than and less than. Each student gets a play mat to keep score. They choose a card from the pile and compare their numbers. The person with the greater number gets a point!

Fish Sticks
This is a fun memory game to work on tens and ones. The students match the number with the correct 10s and 1s.

Roll it, Spin it, Move it!
This is a fun game to practice addition or subtraction; you choose! First, roll the dice. Then, spin the spinner. Add/subtract the numbers and move your game piece. They play until someone crosses the finish wave!

Just Keep Swimming
We love this game! I have it for almost every month! Super easy to set up. All you need is a game board, dice and some manipulatives to use as markers. Roll the dice, add the numbers and cover up the sum. This is a great game for early finishers.

Fishing for Tens Facts
This is a fun way to practice making tens. Each person lays 4 equation cards facing up in front of them, then choose a number card from a pile to see if it completes one of his/her equations.
If it does, they cover up the equation card with the number card. They play until someone can cover up all of his/her cards.

Spin & Subtract
This game is great for subtraction practice. I make little spinners using paperclips and brads. Then the kiddos take turn spinning each spinner and subtracting the numbers.
They record their answer on the number mat using a dry erase marker or colored manipulatives. The person who covers up the last number wins!

Subtraction Splash!
{this game is a freebie in my store! You can pick it up HERE}
This game helps to introduce the concept of taking away. I have my students start with 10 or 20 game pieces and place them on their mat. Then they choose a number card from the stack and take away that many pieces.
 If they pick a splash card, they have to put all of their game pieces back in the pile. They play until someone gets rid of all his/her game pieces.

Turtle Tanks
This game is one of my favorites! Lots of practice and lots of fun! Each player decides if he/she will use a greater than 10 tank or a less thank 10 tank. Then they place the equal to 10 tank in the middle. 
Each player chooses a card from the stack and add their numbers together. After they find the total, they lay the cards in the correct tank. They get a point for each set that is placed in their tank. If the numbers equal 10, no one gets a point. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins!

You can find all of these games in my store!


I {heart} the Dollar Tree!

I love the Dollar Tree! They always have the cutest stuff at the *greatest* price! You didn't even know you needed it until you saw it was only one dollar ;)

Last weekend I went to the dollar tree and found these adorable cut out coordinates!
How cute right!? And $3 later...three instant centers!

First I laminated them, for two reasons. One, to give them a longer life span ;) and two, because I have *commitment issues*

 I definitely knew I wanted to use them to make center activities, but I didn't know exactly how I wanted to use them. And what if thought of a cute center, and then something better came to mind *after* I already made and laminated them!? {see...commitment issues...} So the only possible solution was for me to laminate them before I wrote on them with my permanent marker. That way, I could change them if I needed ;)

Matching opposites

Sorting digraphs

I decided to use the paint can and brushes for number practice.
 But if I wanted to use them for math practice instead, all I would have to do is write over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker...
 and viola! All is well in the world again ;)

What would you use them for??


BOGO Sale!

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Five for Friday...Finally!

Mark your calendars!
Not only did I *finally* add a picture to my instagram account {you can sleep now Griffo!}, I am also linking up to Doodle Bug's Five for Friday

I played around with a graduation craft today!
{and then a spider attacked me but we won't talk about that ;)}

Saw these at the Target Dollar spot! Who doesn't need chevron striped tissues!?

Happy Earth Day!

I shared this on my FB fanpage because it's *so* true!

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Come link up!


Short Vowel Units & a New Craft!

A few months ago I created some fun hands on activities for my littles who needed some extra work with short vowel sounds. I used it as an intervention tool, but of course when the other students saw it being used, they wanted a piece of the action too ;) So it's transformed into center work!

I also have an obsession with games, so I made fun games for my students to play to practice the short vowels.

I also made a little pocket chart center and spin a word centers.

And then what happened!? I don't know!!! I really truly meant to make activities for all 5 vowels before the end of the school year! And I just now finished short i...

So, in an attempt to motivate myself to get them done, I am offering them as a bundle right now!
This bundle currently includes the units I have completed {short a, short e, and short i} and that's all I'm charging for right now! Then, when I finally get with the program and finish the last two units, you can re-download the bundle at no extra charge! Deal?! 

Also, some people have purchased the units separately already, so if you are interested in the bundle pack instead, send me an email!

Be sure to visit my friend Jodi to see other great intervention ideas!

I also wanted to show you the adorable craft I just finished! I'm kind of in love with it ;)


Planting our Kinder-Garden!

I love, love, love springtime! Everything is just so cheery and beautiful! 

Here's what we're going to use to decorate our very own kinder-garden!

 Our garden buddies are going to help us when we study plants. {Don't mind the 3rd sentence! I didn't realize "sunlight" was cut off until after I made my teacher example! The student copies are okay though!}

I hit the jackpot at Michaels the other day! They had a clearance on all of their Easter goodies and scrapbook paper was 8 sheets for $1! Of course I had to stock up! It's always fun to add a touch to scrapbook paper to crafts :) I used some to make the bees wings.

 We will read The Grouchy Ladybug and make our own little ladybug craftivity.
 and make our own time book!

I also picked up these adorable little gardening gloves while I was at Michaels...they were on sale for 50 cents. How could I not buy them!?
I knew I wanted to add them to our spring centers and then I stumbled across Michelle Griffo's adorable sunflower seed math and was totally inspired!

I will have my kiddos scoop some sunflower seeds onto each glove, then write the amount on the corresponding gloves on the recording sheet.

You can download this recording sheet if you'd like to use it in your classroom! It can work with or without the gloves :)
You can find even more spring time centers on my blog! Click the images below to check them out!