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I {heart} the Dollar Tree!

I love the Dollar Tree! They always have the cutest stuff at the *greatest* price! You didn't even know you needed it until you saw it was only one dollar ;)

Last weekend I went to the dollar tree and found these adorable cut out coordinates!
How cute right!? And $3 later...three instant centers!

First I laminated them, for two reasons. One, to give them a longer life span ;) and two, because I have *commitment issues*

 I definitely knew I wanted to use them to make center activities, but I didn't know exactly how I wanted to use them. And what if thought of a cute center, and then something better came to mind *after* I already made and laminated them!? {see...commitment issues...} So the only possible solution was for me to laminate them before I wrote on them with my permanent marker. That way, I could change them if I needed ;)

Matching opposites

Sorting digraphs

I decided to use the paint can and brushes for number practice.
 But if I wanted to use them for math practice instead, all I would have to do is write over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker...
 and viola! All is well in the world again ;)

What would you use them for??


  1. LOVE THE DOLLAR TREE!! I think you are on the right track!! (Loving the laminator!! Wish I had one.)

  2. We definitely need a euro tree here in Spain. I would use them for vocabulary words or maybe number words... Or even cute notes for my students!

  3. Sadly we don't have the Dollar Tree in Australia. I'm wondering if Hot Dollar might have something similar? Definitely inspired to check it out. I would have liked them for alphabet matching activities such as upper and lower case. With thanks! :-)

  4. Sadly we don't have the Dollar Tree in Australia. I'm wondering if Hot Dollar might have something similar? Definitely inspired to check it out. I would have liked them for alphabet matching activities such as upper and lower case. With thanks! :-)

  5. ah I never go to the dollar tree! But love this! What cute centers!! :)

    Kindergarten Smiles

  6. Gonna have to go check out my Dollar Tree for these. That's my favorite sport: trolling its aisles to find things that will work for centers and activities. <3 that store!


  7. I LOVE these....so cute! Pinned!

  8. I love the paint can idea for math! This past week I did an activity like that but with eggs and baskets(the kids had to add the numbers together to equal the number on the basket)

    and ps. I love the dollar store too!

  9. The mice and cheese are adorable! Guess I'm making a side trip to The Dollar Tree on my way home. :D

  10. We just got the Dollar Tree here in Canada this past year! Love it! I have a bunch of sets of those matching cutouts but wasn't sure what to do with them. You gave me some good ideas! Thansk! :)

    First Grade Garden

  11. These came out SO cute!! I love the paint can and brush ones!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  12. Ah-freaking-dorable!

    Cheap, fun, and educational, booyah!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  13. Hmmm - do you LOVE that laminator? It's pretty inexpensive - totally in my budget! Do you spend a fortune on the laminating paper or is it reasonable?

    Ms. BBZ: Integrated Learning in Second Grade

  14. LOVE your center ideas!!! I love the Dollar Tree...We have quite a few in my area. I am a frequent shopper at all of them! :-)
    Krazee 4 Kindergarten

  15. Well guess who's going to Dollar Tree tomorrow?! SO cute, love these ideas!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  16. SO creative!! Love this, Hadar and I am pinning immediately so I remember this lol.

    I gotta get my butt to Dollar Tree!

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

  17. I bought the mouse and cheese at my last Dollar Tree visit. Love how you are using them.

    Quick question: how do you like that laminator? I was eyeballing it on Amazon today.

    The Classroom Creative

  18. I saw these at Dollar Tree and of course was trying to figure out *why* I needed them. Well, now I have a great idea! Thank you for sharing!!

    To the ladies asking about the laminator - I have 2 of them, 1 at home and 1 in my classroom and absolutely LOVE them! I buy the laminating sheets at Sam's Club. They're 200 sheets for $20.

  19. So cute! You are super creative to think of those things quickly! I love the Dollar Tree and my laminators! I bought mine at ALDI - its perfect!

    Bright Bulldogs

  20. Commitment issues! I love it!

  21. These are great! I picked up the mouse and cheese and a peanut butter and jelly one too. We are learning contractions so I'm' going to use it for that.


  22. Nice! You always find the best things!

  23. I purchased a bunch of these same packs last year and they have been sitting in a box for that long....thank you for giving me a reason to use them. I'm very excited. :)

  24. I bought some of these and I thought I might use them to pair up kids for activities. If I wrote numbers or names on them, I could pair them up for any kind of "pair and share" type activity w/out too much thought. Love the "dry erase - erase" idea!!! I could change the pairs every month if I wanted to. Then you could just call out, "The mice go first, the cheeses go second"!

  25. Super cute! The dollar store is just as bad as the Target dollar spot.
    Love the paint cans with the math facts. You could do something with rhyming words, word families, and with your commitment issues, you could change it whenever you want! :)
    Mrs. Jones’s Kindergarten

  26. I love the Dollar Tree! So many possibilities and you can't beat the price!

    I agree with you too about the beauty of laminating them! You can change it up! Great idea!

    First Grade in Foxwell Forest

  27. So cute and such a score. Can't beat the price! Very clever :)
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  28. Commitment issues...that must be why mine are still in a box. I knew they would make great centers, but wasn't ready to commit.

    I do have two questions....First, and let me get this straight, if you use dry erase marker over permanent marker, you can get it to erase?? Why did I not know that? Second, does it have to be the nice thick lamination or does the thin stuff we have at school work just as well?


  29. Those of you that said you don't have a dollar tree, they have a website and they ship!


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