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Pink, Green and Blue, Oh My!

As I walked into Target a few weeks ago, look what was calling my name...
I swear I heard it from a far! Well you all know my obsession with lime green & hot pink, and I am a bin hoarder, so this was pretty much music to my ears! But I walked away people, I walked away!!! I did not buy the $3 bins in my favorite colors because I have restraint! {well that, and the ugly stripes on the pink bins really weren't doing it for me! Hear that Target! We don't like the stripes!!}

But, these bins did inspire me to introduce the pretty teal/turquoise/cerulean blue {really I can't figure out what that color is, but it's pretty!} into my classroom decor.

I started with updating my picture direction icons!
Honestly, I think this is the best classroom management tool I've ever used in my classroom! I am such a visual person and many of my students are too, so it really eliminates lots of mistakes for my kiddos who can't remember 3-step directions {which lets face it...most of them ;)}. I adhered a little magnet strip to the back of the pictures so that as I give my students a direction verbally, I can quickly add a direction icon to the board. I *finally* got smart enough to add numbers to my icons so that I don't have to write them anymore. My kids really love them too! 

Since I got some requests on Instagram after sharing my new icons, I have put them up in my TpT store!

As you can tell, along with my color obsessions, I also realllly love polka dots and chevron print. Since I couldn't decide which one to use in my classroom next year, I just went with both!

Here's what I've been designing, and will have up in my store soon!
And I'm stilllll updating my beach theme decor to compliment the rest of my decor. 

One of my sweet friends, Traci, is working on making me some *adorable* beachy clip art in my favorite colors! THANK YOU TRACI!!!

She also has the most wonderfully in-depth weekly planner available in her TpT store!
She is absolutely amazing!

...and now I need to go back to Target...


  1. So cute!!! Love the polka dots and chevron!! I also LOVE Traci's planner!!! It is AMAZING!!

  2. I agree, I'm not liking the stripes either. Why would they only put stripes on one color??? Well I guess that's a good thing! I got those bins in primary colors last year and LOVE them - a thickish plastic that has held up well. They were great for my color coded tables!
    Over the 1st Grade Rainbow

  3. So so so so cute!! I'm still not completely into this chalkboard thing- I'm definitely on the chevron/ polka dots/ stripes trend though!! LOVEEEEE!

  4. I also walked away from these...but I keep thinking about them! Is this a sign that I need to go back and buy them all? :)

    Light A Fire in Third

  5. Where do you find the borders, outlines, cute fonts, etc. I would love to accent some of the items I have made for my class but can't seem to get very far in Microsoft Word.

  6. Valerie, check out this blog post I made!

  7. Love the colors. Now you are inspiring me to head to Target, AGAIN!!

  8. Hahaha I love your shout out to Target about the stripes. :) Cute colors!! :) Your classroom is going to look adorable.

    Sugar and Spice

  9. I love love love target!! But I am with you, those stripes were not doing it for me!

    Little Lovely Leaders

  10. I love the picture card directions. Thank you so much for sharing those on Tpt.


  11. I am also doing the chevron/polka dots theme this coming year. It is too cute thanks for sharing!!

  12. Who isn't doing chevron and bright colors this year!? ME...if only this trend wasn't 3 years too late. So jealous!

    For the Love of First Grade

  13. Hi- I was wondering if you could make your posters in the primary colors? I am looking to change up my posters but my room is centered around primary colors? also maybe all of the posters in chevron? thanks.

  14. Abigail, can you email me?

  15. I love the picture direction cards! They are already in my TpT wishlist.

  16. Love your colors...we have the same taste! Last year I had a blue and green theme and now I am adding pink to it! Love!


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