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Summer is Quickly Approaching!

We've almost earned our popsicle party!! Very exciting because you all know how end of the year behaviors are ;) Next we're going to start collecting shells {why yes, I do still have 3 weeks of school left ;)}

Anyway, last year when we earned our popsicle party, we did a little adjective craftivity to describe our popsicles. Because I can turn any opportunity into a craft. Craftortunity if you will ;)
{thanks Andrea for the cutey idea!}

This year, after seeing this beyond adorable popsicle craft made by Sheek Shindigs on Pinterest, I had to spice up our crafts a little! Look what I worked on over the weekend!
I'm kind of in love with them!

I'm already imagining a large popsicle shaped anchor chart ;)

I also put together some of the summer packets I am sending home. I want to make sure my sweet littles are Ready Made for First Grade!!
I printed out and stapled the daily practice pages together and when I saw the cutest idea over at Mrs. Wheeler's blog I knew I had to copy her ;) She gave each kiddo a little baggie of pencils, erasers and crayons to take home for the summer. Genius! And since I already had cute little bags that I purchased from the Target dollar spot a few years ago {because I just *had* to have them and see! I really did use them!}, a collection of pencils and crayons that I picked up on the cheap last summer, I was good to go! {sidenote: when did I become a hoarder!?}

Here's a little sampling of what's inside the packets.

I also included some fun practice pages that my sweet friend Cheryl from Primary Graffiti made!

You can find her amazing 96 page packet that includes summer practice for June, July and August for $9 in her shop! {that's like $3 a month...and I only know that because I'm a bargain shopper ;)}

Now if only summer vacation would get here faster!!


  1. Love the popsicles! Thanks for the holla, Boo!


  2. Popsicles are so yummy! Very cute craft! I miss teaching kindergarten! Your summer packet looks very comprehensive. The parents are going to love it! I especially like the writing page. I always tell my students to journal over summer but this really sparks their creative writing juices. P.S. How cute are tiny bitty bows?!?! Love the bows on the popsicles.


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  3. I love the popsicle idea! Thanks for sharing the summer packet!

  4. Your gift and gift bags are adorable!

  5. The popsicles are SUCH a great idea. And I wish I had thought about making my firsties a goodie bag to go with their summer packet. Great ideas.
    - Keri
    Enchanted Kinder Garden

  6. As a first grade teacher those packets are great!

    Makes me want a popsicle!


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  7. I love your summer packets. Our building decided to get to together and send one home to every student, in every grade. Our poor office staff had to cut and put everything together but I know it will help in the long run!

  8. Love the Popsicles! Great job, as usual :)
    Fun in Room 4B

  9. Those popsicles are gorgeous. I think I might have to copy/ reproduce them for a summer ELL activity we will be hosting at my school. Perfect for so many levels!
    Thanks for the inspiration BBFF.

  10. I LOVE your adorable popsicles!!! You are too cute!!


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