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DIY Magnetic Dice Holder

Two, count that, two products completed off my Pinterest to-do list!! I am very proud of myself considering I've been pinning for at least 2 years now ;)

When I saw this adorable way to store magnetic dice shakers from Teaching Maddeness last year, I wanted to make it soo badly!!

So finally, only a year later, I was able to put one together :)
 Isn't it adorable?! I just love it!

Here's how I made it:
First, I gathered my supplies.
*Magnet board
I found that magnetic calendar at Michaels last summer on clearance for 25 cents!!! I love a good bargain and I love repurposing so that little piece of metal couldn't make me happier! If you aren't as lucky as me, you can purchase a piece of sheet metal at your local hardware store or use a cookie sheet like shown above.
*Pretty scrapbook paper
*Mod Podge & a brush
*Cute ribbon {how cute is that ribbon?! It's from my BFF Michelle from Mood Fabrics in NYC!}
*Magnetic dice shakers {I only had two that I found in the Target dollar spot last summer, but I have a semi-solution that might work below if you don't have these!}
*Dice {regular or foam if you hate noise want your students working quietly like me}
*Stickers for letters {not pictured! whoops!}

Second, I measured out my scrapbook paper, and cut it to size.

Next, I adhered the paper with Mod Podge. I always lay something heavy over the paper while it's drying to keep the ends from curling up. Then, I apply a coat of Mod Podge over the paper and let it dry. It's *always* bumpy before it completely dries and it *always* makes me nervous, but it always turns out so no worries!

After it dried {give it about half an hour}, I turned it over and tied ribbon through the little hanger hooks, then tied a big bow. If your metal doesn't have those, you can use a glue gun to adhere two long pieces of ribbon to the back and then tie at the top.

Finally, I added stickers and my dice shakers!

Now when my students need dice for a math center, they can walk over and grab a shaker off the magnetic board! The dice stay inside of the shaker so that they don't go flying across the room ;)

Ready for a DIY #2?! This is my attempt at making my own dice shaker containers, and I haven't tried them out with my students yet, so no promises if it works or not! Trial and error, ya know?

First, purchase some mini tuperware. I found these at Target {$4 for 8 pieces!}

Put your dice inside and super glue a magnet onto the lid.

Stick the DIY shakers onto your magnetic board!

There you have it! What have you made lately??

Thanks to everyone who entered our All About Me Giveaway!

Congrats Lisa on winning!


  1. Your's came out SO cute!! Love it! I am on the hunt for some cute rainbow polka dot fabric to cover my teacher bench with. That's about the extent of my DIY at this point. haha!
    Mrs. Jones’s Kindergarten

  2. It turned out so cute! I bet this would help with my problem of disappearing dice as well.
    Tracie Penn

  3. I actually have never seen that dice shaker board and I am CONVINCED that I need it! Thanks for giving an option for peeps who don't have those dice shakers nearby :)
    Teaching With Style

  4. This is such a wonderful idea!!! Love it!

  5. What a cute project! Love it!

  6. Brilliant. I love it. Makes me want to teach Math. :)

  7. That came out great. I love how foam dice cut down on the noise. This would be a fantastic way to organize & store them.
    Grade School Giggles

  8. I. love. this! Oh my goodness! And it completely does away with having to hand out individual dice and all of that time spent...I'm making one!

  9. you can also get really cute (and magnetic) "dice holders" at Ikea. I believe they are in the kitchen section to hold spices (I have them on my file cabinet with paper clips and what not in them)


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