Busy, busy, busy! - Miss Kindergarten

Busy, busy, busy!

I've been SO busy and I haven't even gone back to work yet! Well, I take that back, I did go into work 3 days this week for assessments and to plan with my amazing team, but no teaching! Yet I still managed to fall asleep at 7:30 every night ;)

Here's what I've been busy doing...

Organizing! {of course}
You all know I'm an obsessive organizer so this project has been something I have been looking forward to completing all summer! I have a thing for bins and labels, so this was the perfect job for me! I have found myself walking by the closet and opening the doors to admire my own work ;) Ha! {Shout out to my sweet friend Christie for being just as self-absorbed as am I when it comes to admiring our own work}

My sweet teaching partner and I have been putting up new bulletin boards. They are turning out so cute! We are still putting the finishing touches on a few, so I will share pictures when they're done. For now, here's a sneak peek at one of our new calendar boards. I'm kind of in love it!

I've also been working on my print and go printables for fall. They're perfect for when I want a fun hands on activity for my kiddos but don't have time to set up a center.
I've included lots of beginning of the year skills that my kinders can do *mostly* independently while practicing their cutting, gluing and other fine motor skills.

Here's a closer look at some of the pages included:

I had some requests for ways to help with name writing, so I added this fun page. You can pick up this page for free {here}.

And lastly, I started my first week of Masters classes this week! Can I just say PTL that I don't have my own children yet! I'm sure many of you can understand why I laughed so hard when I saw Crystal post this ecard on her Facebook page!
That pretty much sums it up!


  1. Love your calendar board! I have that same birthday set. It's so cute. I'm also not officially ack yet, but working hard in my room. Good luck with preparing everything!

    -Compassionate Teacher

  2. Thanks so much for the name writing freebie! I have a few students this year who can't write their name. This will help to make the practice fun :)

  3. Today was day 4 for me! I'm exhausted! My eyes hurt! I was wondering if you could tell me how you make your labels. I have some organizing to get done and want to create some labels to arch my room (at home & at school). Ie tried doing it on word but it doesn't look as good as yours! HELP!

  4. I love your calendar! So colorful and cute!
    Keep 'em Thinking!

  5. Sara, I use PowerPoint! It is SO much better than Word!!

  6. And how do you do it in PowerPoint? I'm only use to making power points for my masters classes on PowerPoint! Do you have a tutorial or can briefly explain it?! Please and thank you!

  7. Sara I don't have a tutorial, but I'm sure you can google something!

  8. thanks for the freebie...wanna come clean my closets next? right now I'm in just stash it out of my way mode :)

  9. I've got those cupcakes! I love everything and I will have to check out your fall printables ;)


  10. Thanks so much for your name freebie. I have a few that need help with their names. This will be motivating! I love your fall printables! They are SO going on my wish list! Going shopping this weekend for sure!

  11. Your boards look so cute! I love how bright and cheerful everything looks!

  12. Thanks for the freebie! So helpful.

  13. Thank you for the freebie! And I love the organization photos--so inspiring!

  14. I'm with ya on being exhausted...omg. It's 8:30 on a Friday and I am about to go to bed :) Have a great weekend!
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  15. Awww, everything looks so wonderful. I completely understand the too tired. I am 3 weeks in and completely exhausted. Hang in there sister.

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  17. Love it! Heading over to buy it now. Thanks for sharing!


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