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Scotch Expressions Tape {organization ideas!}

I love crafting and I love organizing so when Scotch Expressions Tape asked me to review their new line of tape, just in time for the back to school season, I was super excited!

Look at all that beautiful tape!! Scotch Expressions Tape is available in over 100 colors and patterns and four varieties- Magic Tape, masking tape, washi tape and shipping tape. Obviously the washi tape was my fave!

I had several ideas floating around in my brain on how to use this tape, but I decided on these three ideas inspired by dear Pinterest :)

I have supply caddies on each table for my students to use, but I like to keep extras handy, just in case! I also plan on using the labels on the first of school to sort supplies that the kiddos bring in!

I started by covering my clothespins with the masking tape which was way easier than I imagined! It literally took 5 seconds! Just lay the pin on the tape, snip to size and press down! And I loved all the colors it came in! Matches my room perfectly!

Then I used double sided tape to attach the supply labels to the pins.

Aren't those labels just adorable!? They are from sweet Laura Martin and available in her TpT shop!

Finally, I clipped the pins onto cute little bins and now they are organized!

My second project was inspired by this little pin {when I first saw it all I could think was, duh!}

Copy Clothespins!
I mean, why have I never done this before!?

This time I used the washi tapes and they were just as easy to use!

Then I made some labels on my computer and laminated them using my Scotch Personal Thermal Laminator {l.o.v.e. that thing!}. I attached them to the pins using double sided tape, but it didn't seem to hold it that great since I will be handling the pins a lot. What should I use instead??

Now, when I need copies of things, I just clip the pin onto the masters and the directions are right there! Need a class set back-to-back?! No biggie!

Need a specific amount of copies and want the copies darker!? Use a dry erase marker to specify!

I'm thinking I might add my name to the pins so that the volunteers or assistants making the copies know who they belong to!

Want a copy of the labels?

Finally,  my last project, and maybe my favorite, was inspired by washi tape pennant banners! I think I might use the board to host our word of the week, or maybe star student. Not sure yet! Right now it's holding vocab cards!
I had the cork board and twine already, so it was super easy to throw together! I layered the tape around the edges because that's always fun and then I watched this tutorial on how to make a washi tape pennant banner. The tip to tape your twine onto the table while working was priceless.

Then I used hot glue to attach tacks onto the back of the pins and stuck them into the cork board.

Isn't this tape awesome!? It's really affordable too! The Scotch Expressions Tape line ranges in price from $2.50 for a single pack to $5.99 for a triple pack! Scotch Expressions Tapes are available at office superstores and mass retailers nationwide, as well as online. Head to to find a store near you! It's easy! Just type in your zip code.

Office Depot is also currently selling five limited edition One Direction tapes in partnership with an anti-bullying campaign.

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Disclaimer: A representative from Scotch Brand contacted me to do an honest review of their products.  The opinions expressed in this post are my own and were not influenced by the company or the incentive given.


  1. Are your supply labels in your TPT store??? They're so cute!!

    1. They are in Laura Martin's store!! I know, I just love them!

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  3. Super ideas!! I loveee the cork board and the pennant!!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. LOVE the copy label idea! Holy wow! How Have I never thought of that? LOL

  5. I love the pin labels! Now I want tape.... Teacher promblems

  6. Thanks so much for the copy labels. Great idea! LOVE your bulletin board with the Washi Tape bunting. Adorable! I can't ever seem to find the tapes in the colors/patterns that match my room. I'm going on a hunt for that turquoise blue one!

  7. Super cute! I used the same kind of tape on my clothespins and LOVE them. I get a lot of compliments on them and it is so simple to to do!
    Rambling About Reading

  8. I love all of these ideas! I was looking for a reason to buy washi tape :)

    I would use Scotch Super Glue to glue the copy labels on (keeping with the Scotch theme). I just used it to glue clothes pins onto my laminated math wall and it worked well.

    Lesson Plans & Lattes

  9. I {heart} the bulletin board! Super cute, functional uses for the tape:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  10. I love the washi tape pennant banner! Such a cute idea! Can't wait to make one! Glad to see you reviewed the Scotch tape! I have been wanting to buy some but was on the fence. Now I will definitely be picking some up next time I'm at the store!


  11. Thank you! This is one of those "duh" moments when I can't believe I hadn't thought of that!


  12. The copy labels.... you are a GENIUS! <3

  13. I know what my next project is going to be!! Seriously - You are the perfect mix of genius and style, hehe!

  14. I love it all. I have done similar things in my room I just love their tape.

  15. I'm loving the copy labels - thank you so much! And the pennant? Holy cuteness!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  16. I LOVE washi tape. I literally washi taped EVERYTHING in my classroom this year. No joke.

  17. I loaded the page on my computer and saw the first image and just got tape happy!

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  18. Love the supply labels. Where did you get the baskets?

  19. Wow! Who would have thought pegs could look so spectacular. I am going to buy some this weekend.
    Thank you!
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  20. Just adorable and I love your blog design.. super cute, just like you!

  21. Love it!!!! Would love to know where you got the supply bins at.

  22. Awesome ideas! I had to share this post with all of my friends!

  23. Thank you for sharing the copy labels...brilliant, cute, and easy-peasy! E6000 would hold your labels onto your clothespins; careful though because it's really strong (as in I think toxic) stuff!

  24. I am in love with the washi tape cork board!!! I put in on my blog in the Five for Friday linky party! I've been looking for a good excuse to hunt for washi tape!! Thanks! Love your blog!


  25. I'm loving your ideas. I use washi tape so much that my family says "if it stands still for too long- mom tapes it!"

    Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration.

    I just LOVE these tapes. I tape EVERYTHING so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed :)

    Granny Goes to School

  26. This is so cute! I can't wait to try it!

  27. I love the copy labels! Duh! Why haven't I thought of that! I always see washi tape and think it's cute, but I resist buying it because I don't have a specific project in mind. Now I do! Thanks so much!
    Kindergarten Kraziness

  28. Tape looks a lot wider than clothespins... did it take a lot of trimming? I just bought 100 clothespins to use and did not look forward to spray painting or even dyeing them. Thank you for this post.


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