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The First Week of School and Classroom Pictures

We did it! I survived the first week of school! I am so lucky to be working with the best partner teacher on the planet :) And we absolutely have the best class in the whole entire world! Here's a peek at our room and some first week of school fun!
We are so lucky to have such a nice sized room!

Here is one of our bulletin boards. We used "beachy" scrapbook paper and attached paper clips along the top so we can easily slide work in and out. I'm also thoroughly obsessed with the chevron/polka dot double layered border! All of my borders are from MPM School Supplies!

Our calendar wall:

This year we are going to count the days in school using base ten blocks. When I saw this idea on Pinterest all I could think was GENIUS!!!! I mean really, this makes so much more sense than counting with straws, and it ties directly to how we teach making 10's in math! I just threw some blocks in the pocket chart so you can see what I mean ;)

 Here's our word wall. We add words as we teach them!
 Another look at my class jobs!

We set up a supply station for the first day of school. This really helped organize the supplies that were donated to our classroom. It was so easy to put them away in the supply closet at the end of the day!
The super adorable labels are from Laura Martin's TpT store. Next year, I'm just going to pin the labels directly onto the bag...they weren't sturdy enough taped on like that!

And I made these sweet treats for my teammates to celebrate our first day!
We met our adorable class on Tuesday; they were so eager and ready to learn! I just love it!

We took our first day pictures with the cute little "K" {huge thanks to Michelle from Apples and ABCs for this adorable idea and tutorial!! As you can see, I pretty much copied her exactly ;)}

Then we read Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten and then brainstormed some ideas on how we get ready for kindergarten! We completed this readers response and drew pictures to match.

  This will be the first page of our memory book!
We also worked together in groups to illustrate our classroom rules and they turned out SO cute but I 
forgot to snap a picture!
We read Brown Bear Brown Bear and made these super cute puppets. {Thanks Mrs. Ricca!} We practiced identifying colors and following step-by-step directions. We even sang some color songs! My class did such a fabulous job! 
We busted out some common core and used our puppets to retell the story to a partner. It was absolutely adorable!
During our math block we made our September calendars.

We used "4 corners, 8 corners" to make our apples {you can find more easy crafts here!} and practiced tracing numbers.
We also met some new friends!
  {clip art from Love Two Teach
borders from Teaching in a Small Town}
My class absolutely loved these! We learned each poem and talked about the characteristic of each shape. We even learned that Sandy Square has a booooyfriend ;)
{Download the shape poems here and ignore the fact that I clearly need more ink ;) I copied 2 to a page so that they printed out smaller than a regular sheet of paper.}
We also played this super fun shape game!
After we met our new friends and talked all about the shapes, we sat in a big circle {applying what we learned about circles!}. Then I walked around with a bunch of shapes in a bag and had each student pull out one shape. They told their neighbor what shape they pulled out {to practice identifying and to help their neighbor if they weren't sure} and then we played the Shape Game!
After everyone had a chance to stand up, we switched our shapes and played again. It was a lot of fun :)
This was definitely a long, but very fun-filled first week of school!


  1. I love that sorting supply idea! So smart! And the shape poems/game...looks so fun!!


  2. Nice job, Hadar!!! As usual I love it! I actually have the same border in my second grade class this year. Great minds... :-)

  3. Love Love all of it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your classroom is so cute. I love the base ten blocks. When we were counting days of school today, one of my students said "Aren't straws supposed to be for drinking?" ha! I had never really thought about how random they are.

    Carolina Teacher

  5. Love the ideas for shapes and the Bindergarten writing! I pinned a few goodies, including the base ten for the days on the calendar. I think I will switch to those from straws Monday!

  6. The room is lookin' good! I especially like the beachy scrapbook paper.

    Um, I use the same shape poems, but I didn't know Sandy had a boyfriend :) and my Triangle is named Tillie {which is so random and Tommy makes a lot more sense!}

    And yes, I would love to hang out soon! Let's find a date that works!

    Crayons and Whimsy

  7. I use base ten blocks as well, I put velcro on the back of my ones cubes and an index card so the kids can see the cubes upright...Love your classroom!

  8. I can't believe I haven't seen the base ten idea! I am switching mine out Monday. I really like the black and white polka dot border. Can you tell me where you found it?

  9. I can't believe I haven't seen the base ten idea! I am switching mine out Monday. I really like the black and white polka dot border. Can you tell me where you found it?

  10. LOVE your adorable, LARGE room! Also love that you are back to school now with the rest of us! haha

    Everything looks GREAT!

  11. Love your classroom! Thanks for sharing your first week with us!

  12. Your classroom looks great!! :) Love all of your ideas!

  13. Stinkin cute! And that word wall looks perfect.
    Smiles, JG
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading

  14. I love the shape cards! Where did you find the smiley face shapes? Those are adorable!

  15. I LOVE your room Hadar!!!! CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!

  16. I want to be in your class!!!! Looks beautiful Hadar!!

  17. Your classroom is so welcoming and inviting! I love all the bright happy colors!

  18. I love all of it!! I like that "100 days of school" chart... do you put something on each number as you count down?! Precious!

  19. Such a fun week for your babies! Love it all! The base ten pocket chart idea is brilliant! Thank you for the label shout-out! Happy weekend!

  20. Great post Hadar, it was a great first week.:)

  21. What a fantastic idea to count with base-10 blocks - how have I never seen that done before? Thanks for sharing your fantastic classroom decor and ideas!

    Love to Learn

  22. Everything is super cute Hadar...hope your year is awesome!

  23. Where did you get your shapes poems?
    I would like some.
    Eileen Boyle

  24. So cute! We played the Shape Game in my classroom today- thanks to you!

  25. Your classroom looks AMAZING!!! I so admire your work.

    Granny Goes to School

  26. Love the new design! And envy your classroom. :)

  27. Super cute and love love love the shape poems.

  28. You have really done a great job here and really inspired me!

  29. hi. where did you get your base 10 poster for counting the days in school? I have been looking everywhere for one. please help me find one if you know. thanks so much. you can email me too.

  30. Do you have the template for the cute bear face?

  31. Also, how do you use your puppets exactly? Do you have cut our characters besides the ones on the bag that you use for retelling?

    1. Hey Shelley! I'm pretty sure we just googled a bear template and we found that one on google images. So we just have our students literally retell the story. They use the puppet and say "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?" and the other partner says "I see a …." Hope that helps!

  32. LOVED stumbling over your site tonight!! You have some great ideas. And thank you sooooo much for sharing your shape poems and song for FREE! I can't wait to send your site's link to my teammates. They'll love it too.

    1. Anna, you just made my day!!! I have been in a little blogging rut, so thank you for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment and reminding me why I blog in the first place!!

  33. Thanks for all of the awesome ideas and for so generously sharing! You help take the stress away from back to school planning!

  34. First of all, THANK YOU so much for providing some much needed encouragement and ideas for back to school! Your class looks awesome, even though I am a few years too late!

    Second, would you know how to find, be able to create, or tell me where to get clip art so I can make my own shape posters for a few other shapes my kinders need to know? We learn most of what you posted, but I know we will also need octagon for the 2d shapes, and I'd love to find/make some for our 3d shape manipulatives.

    Again, thanks so much for all you've shared! I love that kindergarten teachers are great at looking out for each other!

  35. Hi! I love your shape posters. Do you have posters for star, trapezoid, and heart? If not, do you know where I may be able to find some? My kids have requested the shape poems for all the shapes as they love them so much!

  36. Ok- you have inspired me for my first week/day. Start inservice next week and was really dreading it all- this is inspiring and fun! Love the base ten idea- going to use that this year! had not seen it before! thanks again for the great inspiration and your room looks great- now I have to get at it!!


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