November 2013 - Miss Kindergarten

Early Bird Sale!

Get ready...
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In honor of Black Friday, I am joining a whole bunch of my blogging buddies, and putting my entire TpT store on sale on Friday, November 29!

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I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday!
And when you're too stuffed to eat anymore, just do what I do!

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Celebrating my 3rd Blogiversary!

Three years ago today, I stumbled across the blogosphere and thought it would be fun to write a blog. Little did I know that this "hobby" would be way more than that. This little blog has changed my life in so many ways! Not only has it allowed me to document and scrapbook my life as a teacher, it has helped me better myself as an educator, meet some of my best friends, and also has allowed me to teach part time with the most wonderful kindergarten teachers around. I am SO thankful for my blog and it is rather timely that I get to celebrate it around Thanksgiving every year :)

But beyond all, I am thankful for YOU, my readers. You are the ones that have kept me going. When I felt like no one cared about what kind of craft I made with my kinders, YOU left me comments letting me know that you cared. When no one wanted to see the math centers I was so proud of creating, YOU left me comments of encouragement. When I thought, "what is the point?", YOU supported me!! So all I can say is I am very thankful for all of you!!!

So to celebrate my three years in Blogland, and because I want to express my sincere thanks, I am having a HUGE giveaway! I thought it would be fun to giveaway $300 in prizes since it is my 3rd blogiversary after all :)

So here's what you can win!
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And this adorable holiday classroom apron that my mom made :)
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Enter using the Rafflecopter and leave me a comment letting me know what you would purchase from my TpT store if you won! Winners will be announced on Sunday, December 1st!

Thank you for celebrating with me! :)


Super CVC Practice!

In kindergarten, we work really hard on reading, writing and building CVC {consonant, vowel, consonant} words! It is the foundation of becoming a great reader and writer. I love using games and interactive, hands-on activities to teach my students a concept. They just pick it up so much quicker!

So, I created 5 fun games to practice reading and writing CVC words, as well as tons of printables to go along with each game!

Here's a peek at what I made!

Match it Up
This game is really great because it is scaffolded so ALL my students feel successful. They match the picture cards to each other and then practice blending the onset and rime to read each CVC word.
Then they will work on their cut, glue and write printables to practice identifying beginning sounds in each word. These would be a great center activity, but you could also send them home for homework or use them at the end of the unit as a spiral review!
Build a Word
The students choose a CVC word card and place it on their Build a Word mat.
They can use magnetic letters, bottle cap letters or a dry-erase marker to build each word.

Then they will practice sounding out each CVC word on this page. I am planning on sticking it in a write and wipe pocket so that they can use it over and over again in centers, but it would also be a great formative assessment!
And another cut and paste activity! Throw in fine motor practice anywhere you can!

Monkey in the Middle
Such a fun way to practice identifying middle sounds in the CVC words! Those vowels are the trickiest!!!
{thanks to my FB fans for all your help with this one!}

And a couple of middle sound printables.

POP! {a small group game}
I'm kinda, sorta, a little obsessed with this one! 
Each kid picks a gumball out of the bag {OMG I just had a brainstorm! I NEED to find a gumball machine for this game!!} and places it on his/her mat. If they can't use the card, they put it back in the bag. If they pick a POP! card, they can take any card for another player! The first person to build all the CVC words on his/her mat wins!

Spin, Read and Write
Using a paperclip and the tip of a pencil {or break down and order these bad boys!} your students will spin a beginning and ending sound, then blend the word together to make a CVC word.

I also created some printable Spin and Write pages.

If these look like something you could use, head on over to my TpT store!

I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving! Be sure to stop by on the 27th for a very special CELEBRATION ;)


Bottle Cap Letters {diy}

I have a bottle cap collecting addiction. I admit it. My name is Hadar and I'm addicted to collecting bottle caps! 
This is only a portion of my collection!

However, I put them to good use, and I'm saving the environment along the way, so it's all good, right?!

Most recently I made some bottle cap letters out of my recycled water bottle caps.

They're perfect for the classroom and add a little pizazz to our word work center!

To make your own bottle cap letters, you will need the following supplies:
*Bottle caps
*Letter stickers
{make sure they fit on your bottle caps...some of my letters hang off a little}
*Sponge brush

Make your bottle cap letters in 2 easy steps!

Step 1: Stick the stickers on the bottle caps!

Step 2: Add a layer or two of Mod Podge!

{the Mod Podge helps extend the life of your bottle cap letters a little, but depending on how much use they get, they still only last a few months or so...just make sure you continue to hoard collect bottle caps so you can make more as you need! An alternative is to write each letter on the bottle caps with a permanent maker.}

Your students can use their bottle cap letters to practicing spelling CVC words.

They can also practice building their sight words!
{printable from Tara West}

The possibilities are endless!

Here are some more ways to use bottle caps in your classroom!

Emma from Clever Classroom writes sight words on each cap and has her students build and write the words.

Vanessa from Pre-K Pages has her students practice spelling their names!

Boy Mama Teacher Mama has her students sing their ABCs and find each letter as they go.

Do you use bottle caps in your classroom? Leave a comment and let us know how!

Winter Activities {literacy and math ideas}

We have one more week left in November, and then we get a whole week off for Thanksgiving break! I LOVE my job and my class a lot, but breaks are good for the soul! When we come back from our break, we are going to be immersed in all things winter! {Well except for the weather, thank goodness, because this Cali girl can't handle the cold! Just ask my besties! ;)}

Literacy Centers
{the following activities are from my December Games and Centers}
Short Vowel Sort- we're still working hard on the short vowel sounds! Students will read the words on the cookies and place them on the correct cookie sheet.
Miss Kindergarten {short vowel cookie sheet sort}

Snowy Sight Words- Students will pick a card from the pile and write the sight word on the correct line. They will also use these cards to play memory with a partner.
Miss Kindergarten {snowy sight words}

Sweet Sentences- building, reading and writing sentences with our high frequency words.
Miss Kindergarten {sweet sentences}

Skating Sounds- we're still working hard with beginning sounds ;) The students will match the pair of skates by matching the picture with the correct beginning letter.
Miss Kindergarten {skating sounds- beginning sound match}

Word Family Trees- sorting gifts under the correct word family.
Miss Kindergarten {short e word family sort}

{the following activities are from my Winter Print and Go}
Color by code- at and ag word famillies
Miss Kindergarten {color by code- short a words}

Spinning sounds- working on beginning sounds
Miss Kindergarten {spinning sounds- identifying beginning sounds}

{the following activities are from my Winter Word Cards}
We'll have new words on our vocabulary pocket chart!
Miss Kindergarten {Winter Word Cards}
  And we'll practice building sentences!
Miss Kindergarten {Winter Word Cards and building sentences}
Miss Kindergarten {Winter Word Cards and building sentences}
Miss Kindergarten {Winter Word Cards and building sentences}

Math Centers 
{the following activities are from my December Games and Centers}
Build a Snowman- solving plus 1 addition problems.
Miss Kindergarten {building a snowman- plus one addition problems}

Catch Me if You Can- practicing ordering numbers to 20 and identifying numbers out of order.
Miss Kindergarten {gingerbread number order}

Miss Kindergarten {gingerbread number order}
 This activity is really fun! I choose a number card and read it aloud, while the students find it on their paper. Then I tell them which color crayon to use and they color in that gingerbread kid with the correct color. After we do this all together, I put this game in centers. Now a student is the "caller" and the other kids in the center color in the numbers. They love playing teacher!
Miss Kindergarten {gingerbread number identification}

Gingerbread Games- practicing before and after through 20
Miss Kindergarten {gingerbread before and after}

Snowflake Sums-solving equations and sorting them onto the correct house. This one is tricky!
Miss Kindergarten {snowflake sums}

Stop, gumdrop and roll- our seasonal addition game!
Miss Kindergarten {roll and cover}

{the following activities are from my Winter Print and Go}
Spin and Graph- working on our graphing skills
Miss Kindergarten {spin and graph}

Ten frame practice
Miss Kindergarten {ten frames}

Spinning Snowflakes- counting and writing numbers
Miss Kindergarten {spin and count}

Roll and cover- identifying numbers through 6
Miss Kindergarten {roll and cover}

Snowflake Sums- using snowflake manipulatives to add numbers through 10
Miss Kindergarten {solving simple addition equations}

If you are interested in using any of these activities in your class this winter, you can find them in my TpT store! They are on sale, 20% off, November 17th and 18th!