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Bottle Cap Letters {diy}

I have a bottle cap collecting addiction. I admit it. My name is Hadar and I'm addicted to collecting bottle caps! 
This is only a portion of my collection!

However, I put them to good use, and I'm saving the environment along the way, so it's all good, right?!

Most recently I made some bottle cap letters out of my recycled water bottle caps.

They're perfect for the classroom and add a little pizazz to our word work center!

To make your own bottle cap letters, you will need the following supplies:
*Bottle caps
*Letter stickers
{make sure they fit on your bottle caps...some of my letters hang off a little}
*Sponge brush

Make your bottle cap letters in 2 easy steps!

Step 1: Stick the stickers on the bottle caps!

Step 2: Add a layer or two of Mod Podge!

{the Mod Podge helps extend the life of your bottle cap letters a little, but depending on how much use they get, they still only last a few months or so...just make sure you continue to hoard collect bottle caps so you can make more as you need! An alternative is to write each letter on the bottle caps with a permanent maker.}

Your students can use their bottle cap letters to practicing spelling CVC words.

They can also practice building their sight words!
{printable from Tara West}

The possibilities are endless!

Here are some more ways to use bottle caps in your classroom!

Emma from Clever Classroom writes sight words on each cap and has her students build and write the words.

Vanessa from Pre-K Pages has her students practice spelling their names!

Boy Mama Teacher Mama has her students sing their ABCs and find each letter as they go.

Do you use bottle caps in your classroom? Leave a comment and let us know how!


  1. What a great and super easy idea! I cannot wait to dig thru my recycle bin looking for tops! lol..Thank you again for sharing.

  2. This is so cute! My kids would love it.


  3. Oh my gosh I love this!
    Keeping this in mind for sure ;)
    Miss Elementary

  4. Your pictures are AMAZING!!
    And I love this!
    I think I need to drink more water . . .

  5. I love using bottle caps in my room, though I've only used them in my Math Center. I use a colored-circle label to write the numbers 1-20 so the kids can practice sequencing. I also group caps numbered 1-5 so they can practice simple addition. I love using them with letters! Can't wait to make some! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. You must have enough caps there to make another set...right?! My classroom is bottle-cap-less... We can't have that! :P

    They look great! Your photos are awesome.

  7. I have a bottle cap obsession too. I have pretty good sized tote full of them. I've used them for math...number order, number matching, addition...and some of the literacy ideas you mentioned as well.


  8. Fun! A great solution for anyone that doesn't have expensive letter tiles!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  9. Love this idea! Mod Podge is the best. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I do! It's cheaper than buy magnetic letters, but can serve the same purpose! I created mine with those round colored stickers and wrote directly on them with Sharpie. Not the cutest thing I've ever created, but they work!

    If you are interested in checking out my bottle caps, click here.

    Mindful Rambles

  11. These are adorable AND a great way to keep plastic out of the environment, AND a a great way to model recycling, AND a great way to create classroom materials without spending tons of money.

    Now I am hoping you will give us all a tutorial on how to take such FABULOUS pictures! Next post perhaps?

    Granny Goes to School

  12. Great idea for our recycling club. We always have a ton of tops that are in the bins. I can't wait to pass this idea on.

  13. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this idea. Those little bottle cap letters are so cute and I love them more than most magnet letters that have untraditional shapes to them. LOVE the photos too!

  14. Hadar . . . these look so amazing. You kiddos are going to have so much fun. Engage them with things that are repurposed . . . what a great idea.
    MarshaA Differentiated Kindergarten

  15. Thank you for sharing our bottle caps!

  16. Please post some info on assessments/grading! As a kg. teacher, I really struggle... is this too easy/hard? What do some of your current assessments look like in both reading and math? Do you have any type of common core checklists to keep track? What do your report cards look like...standard grade (a, b, c, d, f/ ESNU) or checklist type? HELP!!!!!!!!

  17. Love the letter stickers you used. I've always used ones that fit completely on the lid. How do you keep your cherubs from picking off the letters that extend beyond edge?


  18. This is great! My kids would love to put these games into practice!


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