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All Done! Now What? Part Two!

This past summer, I spent a lot of time working on developing an "I'm Done" station for my kiddos. Meaningful activities for my fast finishers was a must, and I am so thrilled with how it turned out! You can read more about it {here}.
Since then, I've had many requests from teachers around the world using my fast finisher activities and asking for more! So I put my thinking cap on and got to work! Here are the activities I created!

Students finish drawing the second half of the picture using what they know about symmetry. This is very challenging and sure to keep your kiddos engaged!

Have your students look for specific words in their books by giving them a focus before they start, or letting them choose a focus!

Provide your students with a clipboard and a write the room paper and have them find words to write around the room. Encourage them to use anchor charts, posters or your word wall.

Set out some stickers and have your students choose one. They place the sticker in the box and illustrate their story before writing it. I love sticker stories because they can be differentiated to meet all your students needs! Here's an example of some sticker stories.

This is a great way to have your students practice their sight words, spelling words or word family words. It is tricky at first, so I recommend doing a couple together as a class before making it an independent activity!
First, the students write the words they are including in the search on the lines.
Then, they write the words in the boxes {show them how some words can share common letters}!
Next, they "hide" the words by filling in random letters {secret letter formation practice ;)}
Finally, they leave the word search out for a friend to complete!

Students draw a picture in the frame and then label it the best they can!

Have your students decide what they want to graph {ex: letters, numbers, colors, sight words} and write the title in the box. They they fill in each part of the spinner and label the graph to match. They will spin the spinner ten times {using a spinner or pencil/paperclip combination} and graph each spin.

Students practice writing their favorite things, seasonal words, or any other words they need to practice and illustrate the words in the box.
{click the picture to try this in your classroom!}

Students can practice writing spelling words, word family words or sight words and stamp out each word they wrote.
{click the picture to try this in your classroom!}

Shew! I hope those ideas are helpful! If you would like to use these in your classroom, you can find my product in my TpT store! I discounted it to equal the price of the Bundle Pack for a couple of days in case you already purchased Part One

You can find Part One here

and the Bundle Pack here


  1. You came up with some fantastic ideas! Wow!

  2. These are all great!! I especially love the make a graph page!!

    Mr. First Grade

  3. AH-MAZING! This is a life saver for every teacher. You are wonderful!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets


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