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#ScotchEXP {holiday gift bags and tags}

This holiday season I am going to spruce up my holiday gift bags with a little help from Scotch Expressions Tape! I always use my Scholastic Points to order a fun book for my students as their holiday gift. Now I will have adorable little bags to put them in too!
 I had some gift bags laying around and all I needed was some fun tape and ribbon!{if you haven't noticed yet, I am kind of a craft hoarder and I follow this motto daily}

 Anyway, if you don't have gift bags just laying around, you can pick some up for cheap at your local craft store! Choose your favorite colorful holiday patterned Scotch Expressions Tapes and gather other necessary materials.
Here are the supplies I used:
*Solid Colored Paper Gift Bags
*White Card Stock {You can download the templates for the tags HERE}
*Scotch Expressions Magic Tape- Holiday Line {Red, Green, Green Lines, Stitch, Sparkle}
*Hole Puncher

First up, Holiday Tree! I was inspired by this adorable card I saw here on Pinterest!

To create a holiday tree, I cut one 6-inch piece of Scotch Expressions Magic Tape {Green Lines} and placed it horizontally about two inches from the bottom of the bag {leaving enough room under the tape to create a tree trunk.} Then I continued adding layers of tape with a small space between each layer. Each piece is shorter than the one below it to create a tree shape.

Then I added a small piece of  Scotch Expressions Tape {Stitch} to create the trunk and placed
two small pieces of Scotch Expressions Washi Tape {Big Zig} at the top of the tree in an "x" shape to create a star. 

Isn't it just precious!? 

Then I used my white gift bag to make a candy cane!

I alternated between Scotch Expressions Magic Tape in Stitch and in Red, adding the pieces in a straight line until I got to the curve of the cane. It took me a few tries to get the cane "just right", but that's what I love about Magic Tape! It moves easily and doesn't rip the paper beneath it when you lift it up!

To create gift tags for the bags, I printed off "Happy Holidays" notes onto white card stock and cut them into rectangular pieces. I added smalls pieces of Scotch Expressions Magic and Washi Tapes {Sparkle, Stitch and Big Zig} for a decorative touch.

Then I hole punched the top corner of each gift tag and tied it onto the gift bag handles with cute ribbon. 
 Cute, simple and, most of all, cheap gift bags and tags!

I'm excited to share these gift bags with my students this holiday season!


  1. I just adore these bags, you are so talented. This is something I would love to try to do.

  2. These are adorable... you are so creative!

    Granny Goes to School

  3. Seriously adorable! Washi tape here I come :)
    My Second Sense

  4. They came out so cute! I think I've been inspired to create my own!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  5. OMG! I love this idea :) I have a special gift in mind for my kids and I can't wrap them, so this idea is saving me big time! Thanks!

  6. I LOVE these bags. Super cute and looks so fun to make. Thanks for sharing :)

    You are a genius!

  8. These turned out sooo cute! And it looks easy!
    Conversations in Literacy

  9. Super cute idea!! Thanks for sharing! I am doing the same thing with my Birchbox boxes....I had stacks of them and needed to be crafty..haha

    The 3AM Teacher

  10. Soooo precious!!! You have the most creative ideas! Love them! I would love to get some of this and some lunch sacks and have my kinders make their gift bags for their parents! How adorable!! Now... if I can find some in my small town! :)
    Thanks for sharing this adorable idea! :) Pinning so I can remember next year too! :)

  11. These gift bags are just adorable…what a wonderful year long idea!


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