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Some Fabulous Cyber Monday Finds!

So you all know how much I love a good bargain! Say the word "sale" and I'll be there in a snap! There's just something about saving that makes shopping that much more fun ;) So I wanted to stop by and show you a couple of fabulous things that are not only awesome, but so bargainly priced {and yes, I did just make up a word ;)}.

Lyndsey's Holidays Around the World is TO DIE FOR!!! I can not tell you just how much I love this!
I mean, I love everything Lyndsey creates, but this one just takes the cake! I think I've watched Scott's Globe Trotting video at least 20 times, and shown it to everyone and anyone who will look ;)

Another one of my favorite holiday finds is Michelle's Elf in the Classroom mini unit!
It comes with the cutest centers and printables and is just perfect for December!

I also found some awesome guided reading goodies!!
Tara is seriously genius when it comes to guided reading! Check out these fantastic Guided Reading Task Cards she created!

And I am obsessed with Emma's Guided Reading Reminder Slips! You just rip off the strategy you want each specific student to work on at home and place the reminder slip in their reading bags! SO smart!

I am so excited about all these goodies!! Did you find anything good?? Write a blog post about your finds and link it up below!


  1. So pleased to be the first to post the "goody" I found at the Cyber Sale! Thanks for hosting the Link Up! I haven't been blogging very long, but these events help me feel like I belong to a lovely circle of educators and I learn so much!

    I gave you a shout out in my blogpost!

  2. I LOVE Lyndsey and EVERYTHING she makes! Oh my…I think I need that Holidays around the world packet!


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