January 2014 - Miss Kindergarten

Word Builders! CVC Fun!

One of my favorite things about teaching kindergarten is teaching my students how to read! I know I have my work cut out for me when some of my students start kindergarten without even knowing all of their letters. We work really hard on letter names and sounds, and blending them together to make words. They get so excited when they realize that they can read!! 

I am a full believer in teaching my students reading strategies and how to decode. This truly helps them when they do come across an unknown word, they have to rely on more than just their memorization. One of my favorite ways to teach students how to read is by using word families. They pick up on the patterns fairly quickly {I love when they scream out, "Hey! all those words have a and t in them!"} Not only do they feel successful and prideful in their work, but when they see another "at" family word somewhere they know how to read it!

I'm also a strong believer in teaching my students using multiple modalities. We use a lot of play-doh, stamps and even beads to practice reading and writing words. We're all about hands-on learning! It's also really important to incorporate those fine motor skills in whenever you can. We do a lot of cutting, gluing and manipulating. Word Builders incorporates all of those skills into one fun little activity!

Each student gets a page of picture cards and letters cards, as well as a work mat.

First, they very carefully cut out the pictures and letter cards. Then they choose the first word they want to build by gluing the picture in the littler box.

They must sound out each word and build it on their mat. It's also very important that they pay attention to the correct formation of the letters and not glue them down upside down. A "d" can very quickly turn into a "p"!

After they build and glue their word, they practice writing the word. They can use a pencil, a marker, a crayon, anything that keeps them motivated!

After they build and write all of their words, they color in the pictures.

Another joy about teaching kindergarten is all the different levels in the classroom. While some of my students are just learning how to read and write CVC words, others are already learning how to decode longer words. We still teach all of our students the same strategies, we just challenge the ones who need a little "push". So while all of my students will be working on building CVC words, some of them will be able to write sentences instead of only writing the word.

Want to try this activity in your classroom? Visit my TpT store and download the "at family" practice for free!

Check out the rest of the word family practice {here}.

Looking for even more CVC word practice? Check out my Super CVC Practice on my blog!


February Math and Literacy Centers {updated!}

Over the past year, I've created themed math and literacy centers for each month of the school year. I finally have them all complete, but I learned so much about making products over the year that I can't help but go back and update them! If you've already purchased my February centers, you can re-download the updates for free!

Here's a peek at what each center looks like...

Greater or Less Than Goodies
Using manipulatives to compare to groups of objects.
We're really trying hard to incorporate partner work in our activities and this would be a perfect activity for partners! 

Racing Hearts
 Another great partner activity! The students take turns rolling the dice and coloring in the hearts to match {or using manipulatives to cover}. Whoever covers up the last heart wins! This is a fun game that can be played over and over, and the cute little heart dice from Target are so fun!

Sweet Treats Train
Addition practice

"Bee"fore and After
Students choose a bee card and record the numbers that come before and after it. My students also love using the bee cards in number order when they finish.

Honeycomb Counting
Using the bee cards again, this time the kids will count on for the number they choose. I also made a recording sheet for them to be count backwards.

Match Makers
This one is my most favorite!! It's a tricky one, but my students love a challenge! They will spin the spinner and identify the number on the tens frame. Then they have to find the bear who is holding the number needed to make a ten. So if they spun a 6, they would find the bear holding the 4.

Sweet Subtraction
Solve the subtraction problems on the chocolates and place them on the correct heart.

Love Notes
I cut apart our sight words and placed them in little envelopes. I matched the color of the number on the envelope to color of the letters to help them stay organized. They will unscramble the letters in the envelope to build a sight word!

Love Letters
Sorting confusing letters!
Make n' Bake
The students will practice reading CVC words and decide if they are real words or nonsense words.

Broken Hearts
The students will match the picture on half the heart with the correct ending sound.

Colorful Cupcakes
This is a great way to practice building sentences, reading sight words and identifying color words.

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Guest Blogger {Sharing Kindergarten}

Hi Bloggy Friends.
This is Mary from Sharing Kindergarten.


I am so excited to be "sharing kindergarten" with you today for Hadar.
{Man, these are some HUGE shoes to fill. I am more than a little nervous.}

I have taught Kindergarten for 9 incredible years. I also have a super hot hubby (who just ran his first marathon last weekend) and 2 amazing little girls. My oldest girly is 5 and will be in Kindergarten next year. My youngest is 6 months. She is laid back, but doesn't like to sleep.

I am not crafty... but I am slightly techie.
I love iPads and iPods in my classroom.
I have learned a few cool and easy tricks to make my classroom run smoother and more efficient.
And because my blog name is "Sharing Kindergarten"  why don't I share one of my coolest, most amazing tip to manage computer centers in my classroom independently!?

It make it easy peesy, I created a  video for you to watch to SEE what I do and how I do it.

Here is the video on youtube

 So... do you like it? Will you try it? Will you come back and tell me how much you LOVE it?
{I know you will because this has saved my life at computers this school year!}

If you want to grab this freebie Computer Cover Sheet for the 100th day of school, click on the picture below or {here} to head to my blog for this freebie.

Thanks for reading and listening to my video.
I loved Sharing Kindergarten with all of you!
  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten



It's a Giveaway!!

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Winter themed and great "go to" printables that you just print and set out, no prep involved! Perfect for center rotations, Daily 5, or even morning work!

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