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February Math and Literacy Centers {updated!}

Over the past year, I've created themed math and literacy centers for each month of the school year. I finally have them all complete, but I learned so much about making products over the year that I can't help but go back and update them! If you've already purchased my February centers, you can re-download the updates for free!

Here's a peek at what each center looks like...

Greater or Less Than Goodies
Using manipulatives to compare to groups of objects.
We're really trying hard to incorporate partner work in our activities and this would be a perfect activity for partners! 

Racing Hearts
 Another great partner activity! The students take turns rolling the dice and coloring in the hearts to match {or using manipulatives to cover}. Whoever covers up the last heart wins! This is a fun game that can be played over and over, and the cute little heart dice from Target are so fun!

Sweet Treats Train
Addition practice

"Bee"fore and After
Students choose a bee card and record the numbers that come before and after it. My students also love using the bee cards in number order when they finish.

Honeycomb Counting
Using the bee cards again, this time the kids will count on for the number they choose. I also made a recording sheet for them to be count backwards.

Match Makers
This one is my most favorite!! It's a tricky one, but my students love a challenge! They will spin the spinner and identify the number on the tens frame. Then they have to find the bear who is holding the number needed to make a ten. So if they spun a 6, they would find the bear holding the 4.

Sweet Subtraction
Solve the subtraction problems on the chocolates and place them on the correct heart.

Love Notes
I cut apart our sight words and placed them in little envelopes. I matched the color of the number on the envelope to color of the letters to help them stay organized. They will unscramble the letters in the envelope to build a sight word!

Love Letters
Sorting confusing letters!
Make n' Bake
The students will practice reading CVC words and decide if they are real words or nonsense words.

Broken Hearts
The students will match the picture on half the heart with the correct ending sound.

Colorful Cupcakes
This is a great way to practice building sentences, reading sight words and identifying color words.

You can find these centers in my TpT store!

These centers are now also available for First Graders!

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  1. So cute! When do you have students work on these? Are they done at the same time or do you have a literacy center block and a different math center block?

    1. They do them at different times! We do our literacy centers first thing in the morning and then we do our math centers after our guided math lesson :)

  2. All of your products look SUPER cute! I just signed up to go to the So Cal Kindergarten Conference Blogger Bash--I'm looking forward to seeing you there : ). I recently had a freebie with greater than, less than, equal to but it's not as cutely themed as yours but might come in handy for a math center later.

    ~Lucy at Kids Math Teacher

  3. I love all of your resources! I teach special ed resource and all of your materials work really well with my first grade kiddos. Where do you get your clip art? I need to start making resources for my second and third grade students!

  4. I love those heart dice! I got a bunch last year and just pulled them out again for this year! We gotta love Target! Your centers look like a lot of fun!

    Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade

    Mrs. Wheeler's TPT

  5. Too cute! Can't wait to use next year:)



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