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#ScotchEXP {magnetic supply organization}

Aahhh January, a time for fresh starts and new beginnings! If you're anything like me, the thought of organizing teaching supplies makes you a little giddy ;) I have a fun, new way to organize the markers, crayons, pencils, etc. that you use when teaching a lesson in front of the class. Thanks to Scotch Expressions Tape, they are also really cute!

More often than not, I'm completing a step-by-step lesson with my class, and I misplace my black crayon. Sure, I could reach into the students' crayon boxes and use one of theirs, but we all know how gross that can be ;) So I wanted to come up with any easy way to store my teaching supplies and make them easy to access. I saw this idea on Pinterest and I knew it was it! Unfortunately, the magnetic containers that blogger used are no longer available, so I had to get creative! I found some little wooden boxes {with some seasonal snowflakes on them!} at my local craft store and I knew they'd do the trick!

I chose some cute and cheery Scotch Expressions Washi Tape {Pink Quatrefoil} and Scotch Expressions Magic tape {Circus, Classic Triangles, Orange, Turquoise}, found some glittery letter stickers and picked up a few strong magnets.

I decorated the "backside" of the wooden boxes since they were going to be the new front. I played around with the tape, and layered them over each other. I made sure to cover up the little holes at the top that once had string going through them.

I was a little advantageous at first using only one magnet, but found soon enough that it was not strong enough to hold both the box and the supplies inside of it!

So I peeled the magnet off the center, and glued four magnets to each corner instead. Much better!

I decorated three boxes and then added labels to the "front" using my glittery letter stickers.

I made boxes for markers, crayons and pencils. You can also make them for scissors, dry-erase markers, or even glue sticks!

Then I stuck them up on the white board, for easy access whenever I need them!
Organized and beautiful. Just the way I like it :)

This post is brought to you by Scotch®. All opinions are mine.


  1. Quidit!!!! How cute is this! Love!

  2. I love this!! You are always so creative! :) Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. So pretty! Just pinned it to my classroom organization board!

    Journey Of A Substitute Teacher

  4. Oh my gosh so cute!! I wish we had fun tapes like this in New Zealand.

    Learning to be awesome

  5. Will you make me some?
    So CUTE!!!
    (PS does it also have a magnetic force that keeps kids from taking your supplies?)

  6. What a great idea! Super cute, I'm thinking of making some now, heehee. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.:)


  7. Adorable! Beats my silver wire mesh ones by a mile! :)

  8. ah - super cute and creative!! Love it!
    Kindergarten Lifestyle

  9. Yay! Can't wait to make our magnetic displays! So cute!
    Primary Peas
    Alli + Carlee

  10. Super cute craft and I LOVE your new blog design, girl!

  11. These are so cute and I love your blog, I think it is adorable.

  12. Great idea to make them magnetic. I chuckled when at it being gross to borrow a crayon from the class. I TOTALLY agree!! My teaching assistant always makes fun of me, so it is nice to hear another teacher say it!


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