February 2014 - Miss Kindergarten

Woohoo For Spring!!!

Spring is almost here! Can I get a "what what!" Okay so our California winter hasn't been that bad…but it is supposed to rain tomorrow!! And that's about enough winter that I can handle! But anyway, I'm just really excited because I love all things spring and summer :) 

I updated my Spring Print and Go Printables and they're pretty awesome if I do say so myself ;) I added a whole bunch of printables for March and some more for April and I'll probably end up adding even more because I have zero control when it comes to cute clip art.

I'm also kinda, sorta, really excited to use our Spring Word Cards too!!! Next week I'm sticking in our weather and St. Patty's Day cards!

And to reinforce those sight words, I even created Sight Word Stamping Booklets to match the Spring Word Cards! I am unstoppable! ;) 
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March Math and Literacy Centers

This month we are diving into those tricky teen numbers {side note: I saw this post on FB the other day and it made me laugh out loud! For reals!}

We also will be working with our ten frames, practicing our addition and addition story problems {more on those soon!} We also are continuing to practice our beginning and ending sounds in words, reading and writing our sight words and decoding short vowel words.

I just finished prepping some fun March themed centers and I wanted to share them with you!

Math Centers:
Counting Coins {addition with missing addends}
This would be a great center to use those fun plastic gold coins that come out around St. Patrick's Day! I love seasonal manipulatives! The students figure out the missing addend and then write the equation on their recording sheet.
Working on More and Less
There are three different recording sheets for this activity. You can have your students just focus on finding 1 more and 1 less of each number, or they can find 10 more and 10 less for a challenge.

This activity can also be used to compare to numbers. To play, the students will choose two cards, place them on the mat and decide if the first number is greater or less than the second. If your students have a hard time conceptualizing which number is bigger, they can build each number using unifix cubes and compare the cubes.

Lucky Leprechaun {teen numbers in ten frames}
This is a fun "read the room" activity. You can hang the leprechaun cards around your classroom and have your students walk around with a clipboard finding the cards. They will record the teen number on their sheet. I really encourage my students to count on from 10, but some of them are still wrapping their heads around ten frames, so that's okay!

Roll and Cover {addition to 12}
My students like to play roll and cover in partners. They roll the dice, add the dots and cover the sum. They will play this forever ;)

Over the Rainbow {base ten blocks}
For this activity, you can have your students lay all the cards face down and pick two cards. If they can make a rainbow, they record the tens and ones on their recording sheet and figure out the teen number. If they can't make a rainbow, they put the cards back and it's the next players turn.

Silly Shamrock Subtraction
Students will spin the first spinner and write the number they spun in the first box. Then spin the second spinner and write the number of shamrocks in the second box. They will subtract to find the difference {I teach them to put the first number in their heads and count down with each shamrock they touch}. Then they cover that many shamrocks on the mat. They play until all the shamrocks are covered.

Literacy Centers:
Rainbow Writing {beginning and ending sounds}
Say each word and write the beginning and ending sounds on the clouds. This is fun since they love using dry erase markers :)

Searching for Shamrocks {sight word practice}
Another write the room activity. Hang the shamrocks around your classroom and have your students search for them. They will record their answers based on the number of letters in each word.
Rhyming Rainbows
Match the cards that rhyme and write each set of rhymes on the recording sheet. I love rhyming at this time of the year because my students start to understand word families and they get really excited when they understand why the words rhyme!

Sentence Scrambles
Using what they know about sentences {uppercase letters at the beginning, punctuation at the end}, the students will unscramble the sentences until it makes sense. Then they will record the sentences on their sheet.
Vowel Sort {long and short vowels}
The students will sort pictures by their vowel sounds. It's really important that they know a vowel can make 2 (or more!) sounds.
{aaaand I'm running out of ink! #storyofmylife}

Beginning Blends {r and l blends}
Blends are so tough for little ones! It's really hard for them to differentiate the two sounds. In this activity, they will add a pot of gold to the ends of each rainbow by listening to the beginning blend.
Do these look like something you could use in your class? You can purchase them in my TpT shop as a bundle, or separately if you only need math or literacy.

Less than a week until I present at my first kindergarten conference. I'm hoping my cold goes away by then!!!

Stamping Sight Word Booklets

My class loves stamping during literacy centers. I think it makes them feel like a grown up ;) I created some Stamp it Up Printables to stick in literacy centers and I've been wanting to make some mini sight word booklets too. I finally had a chance to sit down and put them together. I just love how they turned out!

They're easy and quick to put together. All I did was print out both sheets, stack them on top of each other and cut on the lines. Then I stacked each section and stapled it into a book. You can also have your students put the books together if you are short on time. Great cutting and sorting practice! I didn't number the pages as the order doesn't matter. Some of the books have a "I can read these words" page which should go in the back though.

Each book has the focus word in the top corner so that everyone can be successful. They will stamp that word on each page.

After they stamp the sight word, they will color the picture and read the sentence. 

The booklets are themed so they can be used throughout the year. The sentences are simple and predictable, but do get more complex as the year goes on.

Here are a list of the booklets and sight words included.
What Do You See {a}
Cat and Dog {and}
In the Garden {are}
At the Zoo {big}
I Can Be Healthy {can}
This is For You {for}
Things That Go Fast {go}
So Sweet! {had}
Look What I Have {have}
Look What He Has {he}
Community Helpers {help}
It is Here {here}
I Go To School {I}
In the Winter {in}
Here is the Rock Star {is}
Happy Birthday! {it}
Things That Jump {jump}
I Like My School {like}
So Little {little}
In the Ocean {look}
Come With Me! {me}
I Like My Pie {my}
What Does the Farmer Need? {needs}
My New Things {new}
I Am Not Afraid! {of}
Let's Play in the Snow {on}
Let's Play! {play}
The Baseball Game {put}
On the Farm {said}
At School {see}
A Lot of Love {she}
Stop, Drop and Roll {that}
How's the Weather? {the}
Who Lives There? {there}
Delicious Fruit {they}
A Space Adventure {this}
When I Grow Up {up}
What Do We Need? {we}
Let's Go Camping {where}
We Love Our Earth {will}
WIth My Friends {with}

{I will be adding more to this pack and you will be able to download the updates for free if you own it!}

You can purchase the Stamping Sight Word Readers in my TpT store!
{If you didn't get a chance to pick up my free sample booklet on my Facebook page, you can grab it by downloading this freebie file on TpT!}

I've also had some questions about the stamps I use, so I thought I'd share. I found my stamps at Michaels Craft Store in the stamping aisle. They are about an inch square and perfect for little hands. I also love that they came with both upper and lower case letters! If you don't have a Michaels near you, you can also find stamps at Lakeshore Learning or Amazon
I store the stamps in little ice cube trays I found at the Dollar Tree thanks to Pre-K Classroom's great idea!
I'm pretty sure the ice cube trays were made for alphabet stamps ;) They fit perfectly and there's just the right amount! I stuck little stickers inside the tray to help my students keep the stamps organized. {I have no idea why my sticker sheet did not have a yellow "j"! It did not go over well with my OCD!}

Are these something you would want to use in your classroom?? Leave a comment below letting me know and I will choose a winner tonight!
Congrats Christine!


Sight Word Practice!

I've mentioned this before and I will definitely mention it again, I LOVE to teach sight words! We practice, practice, practice, any chance we get! It is so exciting to witness my students turn into readers, and they get SO excited when they see a word they know! We stick pretty closely to our Houghton Mifflin curriculum of focusing on one sight word per week, which I find really helps my students be successful. We do informally teach other sight words that aren't in our curriculum, but that our students see frequently {like "look" and "can"}. All of our words go up on our word wall after we teach them, and then it's reinforcement time! I'm going to walk you through a little snippet of our week and then share some great sight word center ideas!

On Monday, we introduce our new word. We talk about the "tricky" part of the word, and what we need to remember. In "see", we have to remember the extra "e".
{click to download Word of the Week template}

I found this chant on Pinterest at the beginning of the year and we've been using it when we introduce our new sight words. The kids have been loving it!
Then we practice writing our word, filling in the missing letters and using it in a sentence.
I also stick these in write and wipe pockets and put them in our sight word centers. This way my kiddos can keep practicing throughout the week.

 On Tuesday, we practice using the word in a scrambled sentence. 
{I updated these to include the sight word on each page because I was getting confused and couldn't keep them all straight!}
The students cut the words apart and put them in the correct order using the capital letter and periods as clues. Once it's in the correct order, they read the sentence. 
Then they make a silly sentence by scrambling the words again. They read their silly sentence and point to each word as they read it. This is a great way to practice reading the actual words and not relying on the clues from the sentence to help decode, plus they think it's hilarious!
Then they unscramble the sentence again, this time gluing it on the bottom of the page in order.
Finally, they write the sentence on the line and draw a picture to match.
So much learning in one little sheet! 
On Wednesday, we practice reading, finding, writing and stamping our sight word.
 Sometimes we use little bingo daubers to cover the words :)

On Thursdays we use the word in a journal write. We orally share our sentences, then we go back to our seats and the kids use their best guess spelling to complete their journals.  Sometimes we have a sentence starter and sometimes we respond to a prompt.

Once we learn three new words, we practice them using our Spin & Write sheets. You just need a paperclip and pencil to make a spinner. I also saw these really great spinners online, I think I might just break down and buy them already!

We also love to use stamps in my room, so we practice stamping and writing our sight words too.

Later on in the year, I place our Super Sight Word spellers in the writing center, and my students practice writing the sight words in lots of fun ways!

These activities are in my *newly updated* sight word writing practice packs! You can purchase each pack separately, or save 20% by purchasing the bundle.

and part of my Stamp it Up Printables!

Now onto my favorite part, sight word centers!!!
Mary from Sharing Kindergarten just came out with a bunch of new sight word centers! They are seriously amazing! Some of my favorites are the watercolor words and the word puzzles.


I also love these little booklets from Lori at Teaching with Love and Laughter!

And of course, you all know I'm obsessed with Maria's interactive sight word readers!

Kristin {the Teeny Tiny Teacher ;)} has the greatest little sight word practice! You have to go to her page and read about it because she's just hilarious like that!

Tara from Little Minds at Work puts magnetic letters into little tupperware dishes and has her students unscramble them. Then they write the word. I absolutely love this!

And I also love how Karen from Mrs. Jones' Kindergarten uses magnetic letters! She has these fun little work mats that I adore!

You can also check out my Sight Word Practice Pinterest Board for more ideas, I'm always adding great pins I find!

Have some great ideas?? Leave the links in the comments so I can pin them to my board!