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March Math and Literacy Centers

This month we are diving into those tricky teen numbers {side note: I saw this post on FB the other day and it made me laugh out loud! For reals!}

We also will be working with our ten frames, practicing our addition and addition story problems {more on those soon!} We also are continuing to practice our beginning and ending sounds in words, reading and writing our sight words and decoding short vowel words.

I just finished prepping some fun March themed centers and I wanted to share them with you!

Math Centers:
Counting Coins {addition with missing addends}
This would be a great center to use those fun plastic gold coins that come out around St. Patrick's Day! I love seasonal manipulatives! The students figure out the missing addend and then write the equation on their recording sheet.
Working on More and Less
There are three different recording sheets for this activity. You can have your students just focus on finding 1 more and 1 less of each number, or they can find 10 more and 10 less for a challenge.

This activity can also be used to compare to numbers. To play, the students will choose two cards, place them on the mat and decide if the first number is greater or less than the second. If your students have a hard time conceptualizing which number is bigger, they can build each number using unifix cubes and compare the cubes.

Lucky Leprechaun {teen numbers in ten frames}
This is a fun "read the room" activity. You can hang the leprechaun cards around your classroom and have your students walk around with a clipboard finding the cards. They will record the teen number on their sheet. I really encourage my students to count on from 10, but some of them are still wrapping their heads around ten frames, so that's okay!

Roll and Cover {addition to 12}
My students like to play roll and cover in partners. They roll the dice, add the dots and cover the sum. They will play this forever ;)

Over the Rainbow {base ten blocks}
For this activity, you can have your students lay all the cards face down and pick two cards. If they can make a rainbow, they record the tens and ones on their recording sheet and figure out the teen number. If they can't make a rainbow, they put the cards back and it's the next players turn.

Silly Shamrock Subtraction
Students will spin the first spinner and write the number they spun in the first box. Then spin the second spinner and write the number of shamrocks in the second box. They will subtract to find the difference {I teach them to put the first number in their heads and count down with each shamrock they touch}. Then they cover that many shamrocks on the mat. They play until all the shamrocks are covered.

Literacy Centers:
Rainbow Writing {beginning and ending sounds}
Say each word and write the beginning and ending sounds on the clouds. This is fun since they love using dry erase markers :)

Searching for Shamrocks {sight word practice}
Another write the room activity. Hang the shamrocks around your classroom and have your students search for them. They will record their answers based on the number of letters in each word.
Rhyming Rainbows
Match the cards that rhyme and write each set of rhymes on the recording sheet. I love rhyming at this time of the year because my students start to understand word families and they get really excited when they understand why the words rhyme!

Sentence Scrambles
Using what they know about sentences {uppercase letters at the beginning, punctuation at the end}, the students will unscramble the sentences until it makes sense. Then they will record the sentences on their sheet.
Vowel Sort {long and short vowels}
The students will sort pictures by their vowel sounds. It's really important that they know a vowel can make 2 (or more!) sounds.
{aaaand I'm running out of ink! #storyofmylife}

Beginning Blends {r and l blends}
Blends are so tough for little ones! It's really hard for them to differentiate the two sounds. In this activity, they will add a pot of gold to the ends of each rainbow by listening to the beginning blend.
Do these look like something you could use in your class? You can purchase them in my TpT shop as a bundle, or separately if you only need math or literacy.

Less than a week until I present at my first kindergarten conference. I'm hoping my cold goes away by then!!!


  1. I love your March math and literacy centers packet. I'm hosting a math link up today on my blog if you want to link up your packet. Here's the link:

  2. I just wanted to let your know how much I appreciate all your hard work and I know you will be a fabulous conference presenter. I wish I could be there in person. I teach in Sunnyvale, CA and I am one of your blog stalkers. Wishing I taught next door to you. Break a leg ;)


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