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Stamping Sight Word Booklets

My class loves stamping during literacy centers. I think it makes them feel like a grown up ;) I created some Stamp it Up Printables to stick in literacy centers and I've been wanting to make some mini sight word booklets too. I finally had a chance to sit down and put them together. I just love how they turned out!

They're easy and quick to put together. All I did was print out both sheets, stack them on top of each other and cut on the lines. Then I stacked each section and stapled it into a book. You can also have your students put the books together if you are short on time. Great cutting and sorting practice! I didn't number the pages as the order doesn't matter. Some of the books have a "I can read these words" page which should go in the back though.

Each book has the focus word in the top corner so that everyone can be successful. They will stamp that word on each page.

After they stamp the sight word, they will color the picture and read the sentence. 

The booklets are themed so they can be used throughout the year. The sentences are simple and predictable, but do get more complex as the year goes on.

Here are a list of the booklets and sight words included.
What Do You See {a}
Cat and Dog {and}
In the Garden {are}
At the Zoo {big}
I Can Be Healthy {can}
This is For You {for}
Things That Go Fast {go}
So Sweet! {had}
Look What I Have {have}
Look What He Has {he}
Community Helpers {help}
It is Here {here}
I Go To School {I}
In the Winter {in}
Here is the Rock Star {is}
Happy Birthday! {it}
Things That Jump {jump}
I Like My School {like}
So Little {little}
In the Ocean {look}
Come With Me! {me}
I Like My Pie {my}
What Does the Farmer Need? {needs}
My New Things {new}
I Am Not Afraid! {of}
Let's Play in the Snow {on}
Let's Play! {play}
The Baseball Game {put}
On the Farm {said}
At School {see}
A Lot of Love {she}
Stop, Drop and Roll {that}
How's the Weather? {the}
Who Lives There? {there}
Delicious Fruit {they}
A Space Adventure {this}
When I Grow Up {up}
What Do We Need? {we}
Let's Go Camping {where}
We Love Our Earth {will}
WIth My Friends {with}

{I will be adding more to this pack and you will be able to download the updates for free if you own it!}

You can purchase the Stamping Sight Word Readers in my TpT store!
{If you didn't get a chance to pick up my free sample booklet on my Facebook page, you can grab it by downloading this freebie file on TpT!}

I've also had some questions about the stamps I use, so I thought I'd share. I found my stamps at Michaels Craft Store in the stamping aisle. They are about an inch square and perfect for little hands. I also love that they came with both upper and lower case letters! If you don't have a Michaels near you, you can also find stamps at Lakeshore Learning or Amazon
I store the stamps in little ice cube trays I found at the Dollar Tree thanks to Pre-K Classroom's great idea!
I'm pretty sure the ice cube trays were made for alphabet stamps ;) They fit perfectly and there's just the right amount! I stuck little stickers inside the tray to help my students keep the stamps organized. {I have no idea why my sticker sheet did not have a yellow "j"! It did not go over well with my OCD!}

Are these something you would want to use in your classroom?? Leave a comment below letting me know and I will choose a winner tonight!
Congrats Christine!


  1. I would love to use this in my classroom?

  2. I would love a copy for my class!

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  4. I have been looking for new ways to teach and reinforce sight words in my classroom!!! These mini stamp books would be just perfect!!!!

  5. I would love to use these in my classroom. My student's really enjoy using abc stamps and these books would give them great practice both reading and spelling their sight words.

  6. These would be great in my classroom! I'm always looking for ways to give my students more opportunities to practice reading and spelling.
    Thanks for sharing the ice cube trick...LOVE!

  7. Love these! I could definitely use these. I like the idea of using ice cube trays to hold stamps too!

  8. Love these! I could definitely use these. I like the idea of using ice cube trays to hold stamps too!

  9. These are great and would make a super addition to my classroom!

  10. I love your booklets! They are awesome. I also love the ice cube tray tip. I can't wait to get some to organize my alphabet stamps!!


  11. These look so fun!!!! I would love to have them!!

  12. I just purchased new ink pads in fun colors and would love to test them out with your product!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. I love these!

  14. These are so amazing. Such a fun way to get them excited about Sight Words! I just got the courage to introduce stamps for them to use independently at centers and my kids would adore this!

  15. My kinders love stamping too! I wold LOVE this!

  16. I adore this.
    I didn't even know you were giving this away until I just scrolled through all the comments! yay!

  17. The ice cube trays are genius! Why didn't I think of that?! =) And love the stamping books! I will definitely look into buying those soon!

  18. yes! my kids love stamps but never seem to stay focused on the task at hand..and my stamps are not very organized! Can't wait to buy your buy and run to the dollar store to get some ice cube tray!

  19. Love the sight word books. Great idea to have stamps for the books.

  20. Thanks again for posting about the stamps size and the great idea for storage!


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