April 2014 - Miss Kindergarten

On My Way to K! {summer practice pack!}

On My Way to K is full of hands-on and engaging activities for your littles to complete the summer before entering kindergarten {or for the first few weeks of school if you aren't able to give summer packets before kinder!}

This pack covers everything from letter names and sounds, number identification and one-to-one correspondence, basic shapes, and colors! It also incorporates a lot of cutting, coloring and gluing to work those fine motor muscles! {even my fine motor muscles got tired coloring these pages! ha!}

Here's a look at what's included!

A mini alphabet booklet for each letter of the alphabet! Each book has a cover page and 3 corresponding pictures. Have your children cut the pages on the lines and help them assemble the book together. Then the kiddos can trace the upper and lower case letters, color the pictures and "read" each page.

There are also some fun alphabet mats. These are great for hands-on learning. You can have your children decorate each letter with glitter, cheerios, beads, etc! Help them squeeze white glue on each letter to work those muscles!

Along with some more letter tracing pages, there is also a line tracing page. This really helps the students get ready to write. You can stick them in a clear sheet protector and have your kiddo use a dry-erase marker to trace the lines multiple times.
There's also some fun color by number activities! Students identify the numbers in the picture and color them the correct color.

Here's what the counting practice looks like.
Your kiddos can also practice tracing and coloring shapes.
There is also a little book of colors. Each page has 3 pictures that represent each color.

I've also included a fun bingo page and reward coupons for the important skills that don't require paper/pencil. Have your students complete one or more a day and place a bingo chip on each square. This is such a motivating way to keep your littles learning over the summer!

You can find this pack in my TpT store!

You can read more about my summer review pack for current kindergarten kiddos {here}. It includes great summer practice to ensure that your students are Ready Made for First Grade!

How about a little freebie!? Here is something you can send home with your incoming kindergarten and first graders to help their parents work with them at home. It is a sample of what is included in the resource above! Check it out by clicking on the image below.


My Spring Break

This was by far the BEST Spring Break I've ever had! Here's why!

This happened!
Monday night, after dinner at my parents' house, Tom proposed! I am beyond excited to be marrying the love of my life!! The wedding nightmares and obsessive planning has already started! I honestly never thought I would a crazy planner {not sure what gave me that idea ;)}

On Tuesday morning, my mom and I flew out to visit my sister in New York! 
{Ringy's first flight...lol ;)}

It was beyond freezing, but so much fun!!

I carried my pursecase around with me everywhere! 
It seriously is my most favorite thing ever! If you entered my pursecase giveaway, you can click {here} to see if you won!!

On Friday, I was invited out to lunch with a few amazing TpT team members at Union Square Cafe. Amy and Karen were an absolute blast to chat with! We didn't have a lot of time since my flight was leaving that night and boy did those 2 and a half hours fly by! We talked a little about the conference in Vegas this summer and now I am even more excited about it!!

I had lots of time to kill on the airplane so I worked on a little bit of my summer practice pages for incoming Kinders when I wasn't holding on for dear life.  {I am NOT a good flyer!} I have a few more ideas I want to add and then I will post this in my TpT store!

Speaking of, I also had the chance to update my traceable calendar pages. There are traceable calendars and blank calendars to use each month through June. You can download them for free by clicking on the picture below.


My pursecase is AWESOME!!

Every now and again I catch an episode of Shark Tank and I absolutely get sucked in. I am just so impressed with the entrepreneurs who go on that show and am so proud of them! I know how difficult running a business is and how hard it is to get off the ground. A few months ago when I was watching an episode, the most amazing product was being featured! Two entrepreneurs from right here in So Cal were debuting their genius pursecases!

A phone case that doubles as a purse!?
All I could think was "GENIUS!! I NEED ONE OF THOSE!"

So I emailed the girls telling them how much I loved their pursecase and they were SO SWEET, they sent me one to try out! I picked out the black case thinking it would be perfect to use as my "going out" purse; an easy way to carry my phone, ID and credit card. 

I used it for the first time during our SoCal Blogger Bash and got TONS of compliments on it!
 {here we are in the elevator, me and my slim pursecase, Michelle with her MEGA HUGE bag lol}

So my intention WAS to just use it as my going out case, but once my phone was in my pursecase I did not want to take it out!!! It is so, so convenient to have a handle on your phone! I never realized until I had it. I can carry it around my apartment, or classroom and still have a free hand! I also just keep my credit cards and ID in the little pocket, so sometimes I don't even have to lug my big ol' heavy purse around me when I go get lunch! It's seriously AMAZING!

I LOVE my pursecase and tell people about it any chance I get! It fits any iPhone or Galaxy and you can even purchase an additional cross body chain strap! It comes in a variety of cute colors and I kinda, sorta think I might need them all ;)

Want the hear the best news!? The styling' girls behind pursecase have generously donated a pursecase of your choice to one lucky winner!!! You can choose any color and any type! How cool is that!? Enter using the rafflecopter below for your chance to win!

And check out all the pursecase colors and style {HERE}!

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Centers for the Year MEGA BUNDLE!!!

I'm so excited to tell you that I was finally able to bundle ALL of my monthly themed centers into one easy download! There's enough to last you for the whole year!

Center time is my kids most favorite part of the day, and they don't even realize they're learning ;) Each month covers a variety of skills that we've practiced during our math and literacy blocks. Most of the centers are also differentiated so that they meet a wide variety of students' needs. Did I also mention that they're all common core aligned?! 

Here's a look at all the math skills covered in the mega bundle:
One to one correspondence
Identifying and writing numbers through 50
Sorting shapes
Sorting colors
Identifying groups of objects
Addition to 10
Addition to 20
Number words
Identifying missing numbers
More or Less
Missing addends
Ten frames
Numerical order
Odd & even
Addition plus one
Before & after
Subtraction from 10
Subtraction from 20
Counting on
Making 10
Teen numbers
Place value
Addition facts
Word problems
Skip counting
Sorting numbers

And the literacy skills covered:
Identifying and writing upper/lowercase letters
Beginning sounds
Sight word practice
Building sight words
Reading sight words
Writing sight words
Identifying missing letters
Color words
Letter sounds
Sorting word families
Vowel sorts
Building and writing sentences
CVC words
Medial sound sorts
Ending sounds
Classifying letters
Sentence structure
Long and short vowel sorts
Beginning blends
CVCe words

Each month is themed and not-so "holiday-ish" {except Halloween centers, but if you can't use those, October centers are included for no additional cost!}

Here's a look at each center included {click on the images to see them in a blog post}










You can save 20% by purchasing the bundle instead of each file separately!


As a special opening weekend price, the bundle is an ADDITIONAL 20% off this Sunday and Monday only! That makes each unit less than $6! If you're looking to spruce up your math and literacy centers for next year, this is a GREAT deal!


Chick Craft & An Egg Hunt

Hey Friends! One Spring Party stands between me and my Spring Break and I could squeal with excitement!! I absolutely love my job and I adore my class this year, but I am very excited to be spending my break in New York with my sister!!! 

We are working hard on making our classroom nice and springy! I wanted to share this cute little chick craft we made this week. It was easy and fun and looks so sweet hanging on our clothesline!

Here's what you need:
One 6"x4" yellow rectangle (body)
Two 6"x6" orange squares (wings)
Three 2"x2" orange squares (feet and beak)
Two 4"x1" orange rectangles (legs)

First, cut the corners off the yellow rectangle to make it round for the chick's body.
Then, trace your hands onto the orange squares and cut them out for the wings. Glue the wings onto the back of the chick's body.
Fold the orange rectangles like an accordion for the legs and glue them onto the chick's body. Cut out two feet and glue them to the legs.
Finally, fold the last orange square diagonally in half to make a beak. Glue down the beak and add some eyes.

In math centers, we went on an egg hunt for math problems! The kiddos loved using the little magnifying glasses to find the addition equations hidden in the eggs. You can grab this freebie in my TpT store!
{sorry for the awful glare!!}

And I just had to share this with you because it cracked me right up! We were working on building our short o words in the playdoh center today. One of my kids built the word "jog" then added "uthon" since we just had our Jog-a-thon a few weeks ago. Melt my heart!!! They are learning!


Organizing Math and Literacy Stations #MakeAmazing

I absolutely adore the brand new Scotch Restickable Dots. Chevron, stripes and polka dots?! Oh my! Look how cute they are!

Not only are these little sticky dots adorable, but they're absolutely restickable! Music to this little perfectionist's ears ;) I decided to try these little dots out by reorganizing my math and literacy center tubs.

The first thing I did was print out the center labels I needed from my good friend Michelle's SUPER Center Organization Kit. She has absolutely ever center label you could imagine! I cut out the labels and numbers that I needed, then laminated them with my Scotch Thermal Laminator. This part is VERY important because I found the restickable dots aren't so restickable when they are adhered straight to paper. 

I wrapped my center bins with cute polka dot ribbon, then adhered the center label with the restickable dots. I love how easy it will be to change the labels out when I add a new center!

I also laminated number labels from Michelle's pack and adhered them to specific spots around the room. I love that I can easily move the labels to a different place around the room if needed!

Not only are my centers super organized, but they're really cute too!
{CVC words from my Super CVC Practice}

How would you use these cute Scotch Restickable Dots in your classroom?

This post is brought to you by Scotch®. All opinions are mine.