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Organizing Math and Literacy Stations #MakeAmazing

I absolutely adore the brand new Scotch Restickable Dots. Chevron, stripes and polka dots?! Oh my! Look how cute they are!

Not only are these little sticky dots adorable, but they're absolutely restickable! Music to this little perfectionist's ears ;) I decided to try these little dots out by reorganizing my math and literacy center tubs.

The first thing I did was print out the center labels I needed from my good friend Michelle's SUPER Center Organization Kit. She has absolutely ever center label you could imagine! I cut out the labels and numbers that I needed, then laminated them with my Scotch Thermal Laminator. This part is VERY important because I found the restickable dots aren't so restickable when they are adhered straight to paper. 

I wrapped my center bins with cute polka dot ribbon, then adhered the center label with the restickable dots. I love how easy it will be to change the labels out when I add a new center!

I also laminated number labels from Michelle's pack and adhered them to specific spots around the room. I love that I can easily move the labels to a different place around the room if needed!

Not only are my centers super organized, but they're really cute too!
{CVC words from my Super CVC Practice}

How would you use these cute Scotch Restickable Dots in your classroom?

This post is brought to you by Scotch®. All opinions are mine.


  1. I JUST discovered an posted about these a few weeks ago! I was a little obsessive with Velcro, but this changed my life! So cheap and REUSABLE! I love these little dots! :) I haven't seen the cute designs yet- will definitely have to look around for those :)


  2. wow! where do you find these!!!

  3. These are great Hadar! Thank you for telling us what we all need!!!!!! I have to go buy some right away!


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