May 2014 - Miss Kindergarten

Summer Salebration!

To celebrate the unofficial start of summer, I have throwing a flash sale on my four featured products on TpT! Now's your chance to grab some of my favorite summer themed products for 20% off!

My Summer Bucket List is a fun little end of the year craft! Get your kiddos thinking about what they plan on doing over the summer with a little writing and "cutesify" your bulletin board while you're at it! Win-win!

Your kindergarteners and first graders will have fun practicing their math facts with these fishy themed gamesEasy to assemble, with kid-friendly step by step directions to include with each game.
Keep your students learning with:
Go Fish- Addition practice 
Fishing for Numbers- Greater/Less than practice 
Fish Sticks- Base Ten practice 
Roll it, Spin it, Move it!- Addition practice 
Just Keep Swimming- Two-digit addition practice to 12 
Fishing for Tens Facts- Making Tens 
Subtraction Splash- Subtraction from 10 or 20 
Spin and Subtract- Subtraction from 10 or 20
Turtle Tanks- Greater/Less than practice with addition 

 Summer is quickly approaching and we are all excited! But it is nerve-racking to send your sweet little kinders off for summer and wonder if they'll forget everything over those short few months! Why not send them off with a little summer review?!
This pack is loaded with many skills that your soon-to-be firsties can practice over the summer so that they are Ready Made for First Grade!

On My Way to K is full of fun and engaging activities for any incoming kindergartner! It can be used as a summer packet the summer before kindergarten, or throughout the first few weeks of school. 
This packet includes alphabet practice {both upper and lowercase letters}, letter names and sounds, writing numbers 1-20, one-to-one correspondence, number identification, as well as identifying common shapes and colors.

I hope you found something you can use and happy almost summer!!!

{Thanks Tara for the cute button!}

DIY Classroom Library Sticks #MakeAmazing

Something about the end of the year approaching always has me thinking about what I want to organize, plan, rearrange and try differently for next year! So when Scotch asked me to create an organizational project using their adorable Expression Tapes, I knew exactly what I wanted to create for next year!
Materials Needed:
Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape in desired colors and patterns  {this project uses Colorful Triangles, Wrapped, Pink Quatrefoil and Tie}
Scotch® Expressions Magic™ Tape in desired colors and patterns {this project uses Black, Turquoise, Circles and Circus}
Paint Stirrers {one for each student in your class}
Decorative Numbers {these are from the adorable Mrs. Cupcake!}

Completing the Project:
Step 1: Start with a solid piece of expressions tape and lay it across the top of the paint stirrer.
Step 2: Wrap the tape all the way around the stirrer, leaving a little gap between each wrap.
Step 3: Choose some coordinating tapes as accents.
Step 4: Cut off a piece of tape, about 2 inches long, and use it to cover the gap.
 Step 5: Continuing alternating the tape designs until you complete your desired look.
Step 6: Cut out the decorative numbers. I laminated them for durability.
Step 7: Using double sided tape {I find it sticks the best, but you can experiment with different adhesives} to attach the laminated number to the stick.
Finally, put the sticks in a cut little container for your students to use when picking out a book.
These little sticks really help keep your classroom books organized! When a student takes a book from your class library, they place their numbered stick in its spot. Happy organizing!

This post is brought to you by Scotch®. All opinions are mine.


Sight Word Dice

I adore the Dollar Tree and I especially love their teacher section! Teaching goodies + $1 = a very happy teacher! Recently, I found these adorable sight word dice. Each pack comes with 3 different dice that include a lot of our kindergarten sight words! I picked up 2 packs and solved a pretty great algebraic equation to figure out how many sight words I got in all ;) {36 in case you're wondering ;)}

I whipped up a recording sheet real quick using my favorite DJ inkers numbers and had an instant writing center!

My kids had a blast rolling the dice, reading the words and using them in a sentence. They are becoming pretty great sentence builders!
{look at those finger spaces!}

I copied the recording sheets back to back so that there was room to write 6 sentences. Most of my students were able to complete 3 in the 20 minutes they had at centers. Then they stuck their recording sheet in the finish it folders in their cubbies to use the next time they're at writing center.

Only one little stinker stuck a pencil through the foam dice {because it is oh-so tempting and because Miss Maor failed to go over expectations before hand ;)}

You can download the recording sheet for this center below. And if you can't find the sight word dice, you could always make your own using this dice template!

I also found this great center idea on Pinterest last week.

It was really simple to put together! I just wrote some of our sight words on jumbo craft sticks, and stuck some pipe cleaners and our letter beads into the basket. The kiddos pick a sight word stick, read the word and build it with the letter beads.

These two cuties worked together to build a sentence and then asked me to take their picture {I can't imagine why ;)}
I am so, so proud of my little smarties! We are working hard these last 30 days of school!

Mother's Day Recipe Books

This year for Mother's Day, our class made some adorable recipe books! My teaching partner has been making these for years and they are so much fun!

Each kid tells us their favorite meal that their mom makes them. They tell us the ingredients needed and then the instructions. They are hilarious!

My absolute favorite that I didn't get a picture of was a recipe for Cheerios. A handful of Cheerios and a handful of milk is all you need ;) I just adore the minds of 5-year-olds!

After each kid shared their recipes and I typed them up, I gave them a post it note to draw a picture of them and their moms making their favorite meal. Then we stuck the post-its on each page and made enough copies to make a book for each kid.

We also wrote little cards to our mothers. After we used our very best handwriting, we traced over the pencil with black felt tip markers. This is very enticing ;)

We decorated the cover with a tear art flower! This was our second time making tear art flowers so we were pretty much pros ;)

They turned out so cute and I hope the moms loved them!

Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible moms out there! Thank you for all that you do!!!

Thank You Cards {giveaway!}

My friend Christine is so talented, she makes some of the absolutely cutest cards I've ever seen!! When she posted a picture of her teacher thank you cards on Instagram, I squealed! I told her I needed to show you all and she said I could even give a set of cards away!!! Check out her amazing work!

 Wouldn't you love to receive a thoughtful card like this?! I know I would!

All of Christine's cards are handmade and customized to fit your needs! Birthday cards, thank you cards, Mother's Day cards, you name it! You can contact her by email if you're interested in placing an order {}.

You can also enter to win this set of 5 teacher thank you cards!

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Sentence Building Practice

My students love, love, love sentence building and they are becoming quite good at it too! We practice sight reading each word, then unscrambling it to make a sentence, and then writing it on our own. I put together a little file so your students can practice sentence scrambles too!

Each student needs a work mat and a set of words. There are 16 sets with 2 sentences per page in this pack.

First, have your students cut out the words {one sentence at a time until they become proficient at building sentences!}. After they touch and read each word, they have to decide what the sentence is supposed to say. We use clues to help us, like the uppercase letter will always be at the beginning of the sentence, and the word with the punctuation will always be at the end. Then we just have to sort through the other words!

After they've built their sentences correctly, they glue them down and write the sentences on the lines. This is when they have to really think about their mechanics and conventions. Not only do they have to remember to use an uppercase letter, punctuation and finger spaces, but they have to plan ahead since they only have 1 line to write each sentence! Super fine motor practice!

As my students become better at sentence building, we move from 4 word sentences:

to 5 word sentences:

to sentences with 6 words and no picture clues!

You can check out these sentence scrambles in my TpT store. They are discounted for the weekend!

AND!!! Some of my best blogging buddies and I are showering you with appreciation this Teacher Appreciation Week. You can try out some spring sight word sentence scrambles for free by clicking {here}. This will take you to our little Teacher Appreciation Hop full of some fun sample freebies!

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