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Sight Word Dice

I adore the Dollar Tree and I especially love their teacher section! Teaching goodies + $1 = a very happy teacher! Recently, I found these adorable sight word dice. Each pack comes with 3 different dice that include a lot of our kindergarten sight words! I picked up 2 packs and solved a pretty great algebraic equation to figure out how many sight words I got in all ;) {36 in case you're wondering ;)}

I whipped up a recording sheet real quick using my favorite DJ inkers numbers and had an instant writing center!

My kids had a blast rolling the dice, reading the words and using them in a sentence. They are becoming pretty great sentence builders!
{look at those finger spaces!}

I copied the recording sheets back to back so that there was room to write 6 sentences. Most of my students were able to complete 3 in the 20 minutes they had at centers. Then they stuck their recording sheet in the finish it folders in their cubbies to use the next time they're at writing center.

Only one little stinker stuck a pencil through the foam dice {because it is oh-so tempting and because Miss Maor failed to go over expectations before hand ;)}

You can download the recording sheet for this center below. And if you can't find the sight word dice, you could always make your own using this dice template!

I also found this great center idea on Pinterest last week.

It was really simple to put together! I just wrote some of our sight words on jumbo craft sticks, and stuck some pipe cleaners and our letter beads into the basket. The kiddos pick a sight word stick, read the word and build it with the letter beads.

These two cuties worked together to build a sentence and then asked me to take their picture {I can't imagine why ;)}
I am so, so proud of my little smarties! We are working hard these last 30 days of school!


  1. Thank you! I bought a couple of those, too, but have yet to use them and now I have no excuse! ;)

  2. I love all of this!!!!!!!!! I need those ABC beads and those sight words dice STAT.
    Stinkers -- I have one or two also . . .

  3. Love! Is the dollar store really a good deal when you went in needing nothing, but buy $95 dollars worth of stuff? Yah, I agree, ITS A GREAT DEAL! Congrats on another dollar store victory!

  4. thanks for sharing! Really nice recording sheet!

  5. I NEED those dice! (I bet the Dollar Tree here in BFE won't have them! =( )
    First Grade Blue Skies

  6. I NEED those dice as well! My kiddos love our writing center and these would be great! I'm bookin' it to the Dollar Tree ASAP! I hope the have them. Thanks for the freebie!!


  7. I like the idea with the dice. My firsties use the beads and pipe cleaners in a center to practice their spelling words.
    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties

  8. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I'm on the last leg (internship) of my Master's in reading and my supervisor wanted more activities in some of my stations and I think both of these ideas will fit perfectly on my next/final observation!! Love them and I think the kids will, too!! :) <3

  9. Perfect lil activity to get them practicing those sight words and what impressive lil writers! Love this and your dollar tree scores!
    ~Christy & Tammy

  10. I love these word and sentence building activities. The letter beads would be great to have them pick out letters and build words on the pipe cleaners.

  11. Cuteness! I did letter and word necklaces my first year of teaching as part of our abc center and they do love having different types of manipulatives. Thanks for sharing your good find!
    - Leslie

  12. I love Dollar Tree! I have those dice and the magnetic sight words and my kiddos LOVE working with them. Thank you for the sentence page!

    A Teachable Teacher

  13. These ideas are fantastic! I have a fondness for dice, so I'll have to add these to my collection. I have to be careful of the little beads, though, because I have one boy who's autistic and he puts them up his nose! Yes, the life of a kindergarten teacher.

    Your latest follower on Pinterest,

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT
    Teaching with Sight

  14. I haven't seen any of the word dice at dollar tree ? Has anyone seen them and where ?

  15. Thank you for providing the Roll, Read, and Write template for FREE. I just bought some of those dice, and had not made a recording sheet. Happy New Year!


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