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Kindergarten Morning Work

I am so excited about this morning work, it has been on my to-do list for almost a year and now it's to-done!!!

I have had a need for something my kinders can do successfully and independently in the morning, that is meaningful and helpful to their learning. I also wanted them to get used to completing work and understanding what "must" be done when they start school.

I created 20 literacy sheets and 20 math sheets. Since my kindergarten is half day and we have a quick short day, I am going to copy the math and literacy pages back to back and have them complete the sheets all at once. I also included a cover page in the file in case you want to make a packet for your students. I am just going to give them one page a day.
Here's a look at what is covered on the literacy pages:
*Name writing practice
*Tracing and writing upper and lowercase letters
*Identifying letters
*Color word practice
 *Identifying missing letters
 *Tracing and writing sight words
*Rhyming words
 *Tracing and writing simple sentences
*Counting syllables
 Here's a look at the math pages:
*Name writing practice
*Tracing and writing numbers 1-10
*One-to-one correspondence
*Tracing 2D shapes
 *Identifying 2D shapes
 *Identifying numbers 1-10

I just finished my last day of school yesterday and I am SO ready for summer break, but these make me a little bit excited about going back to school :) {just a little bit lol}

If you're interested in trying these out in your class, they are discounted until Saturday!
I am planning on making a set for each month, and then bundling them when they're all done. In the meantime, I am pricing the individual sets so that they will add up to the price of the bundle when it's done.

What do you have your kids do in the morning?


  1. love love! We have breakfast in the morning..sooooo we eat and clean up and then do our alphabet chant while my helpers wipe the tables. It's a mess..but it's also nice that I don't have to occupy them with something the second they come in! xoxo

  2. These look great! Thanks for posting!


  3. These are so cute! It kinda...maybe...sorta.. makes me wish (a tiny bit) that I taught Kinder ;P Happy summer friend!

    The Learning Tree

  4. We go to centers in the morning and then eat breakfast. But these can be used after breakfast very easily. They are great. Thank you so much for all your stuff you post and the stuff you have on TPT. Great ideas and you have already done it. You really are awesome. Thank you again.

  5. This is a great idea to incorporate math practice outside of the actual math lessons! Right now my kindergarteners have read to self time. Some days they are very focused and use the time wisely, while other days we have to practice how to read to self for the better part of the morning. I think it would be a great idea to have a math/literacy worksheet for them to do in the morning a couple times a week. This would give me a chance to assess their skills and differentiate for students who may need help or for students who are ready for something a little harder. Thank you for the great idea!


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