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A Growing Bundle!

I'm so excited to share the news! {and realizing that using "growing" and "bundle" in my title makes this sound a little like a baby is on the way and let me just tell you, it's not!!! Well, I guess this is kind of a like a baby, but not a real life human baby!}

Since posting my Kindergarten Morning Work a few weeks back, I have had several questions about whether or not I would be posting a bundle pack. "YES!" I would say. And when several more people exclaimed that they wanted the bundle NOW, I had a brilliant idea! This is when the "growing bundle" was born.

The growing bundle is a baby {see, there it is again!} as it currently only contains August Morning Work. You can read all about that {here}.

Every month, as I create the morning work for my class, I will add it to the bundle!
So each month, you will get 20 new literacy and 20 new math practice pages to keep your kiddos learning and engaged in the mornings!

What is the benefit of owning the bundle?
*Convenience- All of the morning work for the year will eventually be in one place!
*Price- Save money when you buy the bundle! It is discounted 20% off the total morning work value AND it's an additional $10 off while you wait for me to get my bum in gear ;)
{if you already own the August morning work and you want to switch over to the bundle, just email me and let me know! misskindergarten@hotmail.com}

I also am excited to share the news about TpT's annual BTS sale! It's the most wonderful time of the year ;) Starting tomorrow, ALL of my products in my store are 20% off for the next two days!

Don't forget to enter the promo code BTS14 for additional savings! {trust me, I always forget!}

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