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Editable Word Wall Templates!

This year, my teaching partner and I are really going to make an effort to use our word wall more effectively. Here's a sneak peek at what our word wall looks like so far!

I realized as we were creating the word wall that all we really needed was a template to type the words we needed into. Being that I have an obsession with chevron, polka dots and stripes, I couldn't decide between the three, so I just created them all!
Editable Word Wall Templates
Editable Word Wall Templates
Editable Word Wall Templates
 I made each design in black and white, bright colors and primary colors. I also added different sizes for each card, depending on how big or small we needed a word. After we type in all the words {with my favorite KG Miss Kindergarten font ;)}, I will print them on cardstock and laminate them! Boom! Done!

You can pick up these editable word wall cards in my TpT shop on sale {along with everything else in my store!} today!


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  2. I love having this editable. Do you include a plan as to how you teach the sight words or is it in one of your blogs?
    Thanks - Maryann brennemm@carlisleschools.org


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