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Save the Date!

In August, my fiancé Tom and I spent the day with the most amazing photographer ever, Melissa Vossler, and took our engagement pictures in beautiful Corona del Mar, California. It was by far one of the most fun days we have had together and we are so excited for what our future holds! When it was time to choose a picture for our Save the Date cards though, it was SO hard to choose! I mean look at how amazing they all turned out!?

See what I mean!? Well, I knew I wanted to order my Save the Date cards through, so I spent a few weeks playing around with pictures and designs. Have you used Minted before?? It's amazing! The designs are so clean and neat, and I didn't have to do any of the hard work ;)

I ended up choosing a picture that was originally landscape, and cropped it so that it would be portrait. I LOVE how it turned out!

 Minted also printed out our recipients addresses right onto the envelope before shipping them to me!!!! 

It was so easy to get these ready to be mailed out. And I am all about finding ways to be efficient ;)

I also love that Minted offered a design for the back of the cards. Since I obviously had a tough time choosing just one picture, it was nice to be able to include more ;)

And I found a really cute return address stamp on Etsy and stamped my parents' address onto the back of the envelopes!!

I am so excited for our wedding day and I can't wait to share more pictures with you! 6 months to go :)


  1. I am not surprised it was so hard to choose!!! They are all so wonderful. Congrats and enjoys the countdown planning :)

  2. Congratulations, Hadar! They turned out just beautiful! You two look so in love! :) Enjoy the wedding planning, it's crazy how fast the day comes and goes! :)

    First Grade Garden

  3. Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous! Your love was captured and shines through - beautiful :)

  4. Congratulations again Hadar! I am so happy for you! All of your pictures are truly amazing, and you can see how in love the two of you are!
    The Apple Basket Teacher

  5. Your pictures are simply stunning, Hadar! I can only imagine how beautiful your wedding day will be! Congratulations!

    One Sharp Bunch

  6. i'm not sure if your smile can get any bigger!! I love them!! I'm so excited for you!!

  7. YAY! Those are so cute! It's getting close :) How exciting!

  8. Congratulations, Hadar! The pictures look adorable!

    First Grade Shashay

  9. You two are adorable! I love the variety of pictures you got! I have to say, my favorite is the two of you on the beach kidding and one of your knees is bent! The body language shows how in love you two are!
    Congratulations! Happy wedding planning!

  10. Great pictures! My husband and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary this weekend. I wish you the best as you start your life together. You look sooooo happy.

  11. #gorgeous
    May God bless your wedding day but even more so your marriage! Thanks for sharing it with your Internet peeps.

  12. I LOVE Every. Single. Picture!!! You two are adorable!!!

    Crayons and Whimsy

  13. Hadar!! I love your engagement photos!! You should make some canvas prints for home decor. ;-)

  14. The pictures are amazing. I love the one you choose too, that is the one I would have chosen too. So exciting. <3
    Ms. K/1 ELL
    A Teacher's Plan

  15. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing the pictures - I got married 7 years ago and it makes me want to take new pictures all over again! Maybe for our 10th...
    They are gorgeous! I haven't ever used Minted before. I am thinking I should!

  16. Wow! These are amazing pictures! I love the one where you are walking and looking at each other. Congrats! ~Shelly
    Promoting Success Blog

  17. Beautiful pics and beautiful couple! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!!:)


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