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Songs in the Classroom!

Why hello there! Long time no speak! I sure meant to share my Songs in the Classroom update with you a few months ago, but a new school year, wedding planning, and moving into a new house just seemed to get in the way! But here we are, so it's all good ;)

Do you use songs in your classroom?? I am OBSESSED. I make up songs all day long! Well I put this little booklet together and hung it on a ring, but I don't even look at it because I have all the songs memorized ;) HA!

I did add little number tabs to each section so that they're easier to find.

I also wanted to show you an easier way to organize these songs {since clearly time is of the essence these days!} You can print off each page, stick them in a page protector and store them all in a 3-ring binder.

Here's a look at each section in the book.
These are songs I use throughout the day, especially during transitions. The best way to grab your students' attention and get them to stop talking is to sing a song. They ALWAYS sing along, so eyes are on you and conversations have stopped. It's miraculous ;)

Section Two is all about Calendar Time. We sing the whole time ;) #favoritetimeoftheday

Section Three has fun songs to help your students practice vowel sounds, learning new words and spelling sight words.

I numbered each page so I can find the songs I need quickly. When we have a few extra minutes before snack we usually sing a word wall song. My kiddos love it!

I also created a whole separate section just for color words. Each color word song comes with visual cards that you can have a student leader point to while you are singing the song.

So the last few weeks, we've been working on word families! I made up this really fun song that I wanted to share with you. First, I asked my students to come up with words in the "at" family and wrote 6 of them on the board. Then we sang our song, to the tune of The Addams Family ;)
Each time we learn a new word family, we will think of 6 words and put them in our song!

Hope you are able to use some of these ideas!

You can find my Songs in the Classroom pack here on TpT!


  1. I love singing and making up songs in the classroom! Sometimes the best ones are made up as I am randomly trying to get their attention or get a point across. :)

  2. Very cute songs!!! Just wish I could carry a tune...sad things is that I can't. Are these available for purchase?
    Kindergarten To The Core

    1. Hahha Julie, you don't want to hear me sing!! Best part about making up songs is they can go to whatever tune you want ;) you can click on any picture and it'll take you to my TpT store!

  3. I NEED to have these :) You are so clever!

  4. this is great! we are doing homeschool preschool this year and I'm always looking for new songs and ways to organize them!!

  5. I started using these last week and the kids are loving them!!! Thank you so much for making them simple and catchy!!


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