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Penguin Poetry!

We have been enjoying our poetry units each month. Having a month to focus on just ONE poem is so awesome! It gives us time to really dig deep, learn the poem and focus on rhyming words, fluency, and even incorporating our learning into science! Thursday mornings are becoming one of my favorite times of the week!

In December we worked on S is for Snowman so in January we focused on Little Penguin!
My teammate found the words to the poem online and I just typed them up and added a cute little penguin clip art ;) We printed it at 17"x22" so that it was a large poster size. Throughout the first week, we took turns being the leader and pointed to the poem as the rest of the class recited it. I'm not sure if this poem was meant to be to the tune of Little Teapot but that's how we chanted it. Really helped us remember. My favorite part about teaching my students poetry is listening to them recite the poem to themselves throughout the day :)

The next week, we got our own poem page and talked about all the sight words we could find. My students LOVE pointing out sight words they know in books, charts and other posters around our room. And I just love seeing all the lightbulbs go off! We used a yellow crayon to find the sight words we learned so far.

The last two weeks, we used what we learned about penguins and make our little penguin book.
First, we filled out our can/have/are chart.

And worked together to label the penguin.
Then we put together our little penguin books. You can find these for free in my store {here}!

Little Penguin was so fun to learn! I am so excited for our February poetry!


  1. We used that poem last month too!! And we sing it to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot." :) We put movements to the poem and the cutest thing is when they "waddle to the water and dive right in!" I also love hearing my students sing the poems throughout the day! Such a great way of building fluency! Have a super rest of the week!!


  2. We are exploring penguins for my intervention group this week - this is a lifesaver! Thanks :) Jen

  3. We finished up our penguin poem last week too! Singing the words to a familiar song is definitely beneficial and more memorable! I'm glad your team is finally hooked on poetry! ;)

    One Sharp Bunch

  4. Love those little penguin books!

  5. I love that little poem. So cute!
    Fun In First

  6. Where do you have your poems printed?

  7. Do you have a poetry unit for the entire year? I would definitely buy it.


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