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My New Blog Design!

Oh my gosh, you guys! I am in *love* with my new blog design! Gabby did an absolutely amazing job at turning my vision into a reality!
Gabby's Classrooms

 I accidentally stumbled upon her instagram account about a week ago and quickly enthralled by her love of bright colors. I noticed she was celebrating reaching 100 Facebook followers with this fun freebie and I couldn't resist!

Well as soon as I got to her blog, I fell in love with that too!! I went on a search to see who designed her blog for her, only to find that she did it herself!!! #iknow #supertalent

I checked out her previous blog designs and wow! Not only is she amazingly talented, but also super reasonable! {actually, I don't think she's charging enough for her talent!} Anyway, I filled out her blog design form and pretty much told her I wanted a similar look to my current blog design but with bright colors, like hers. I also may have mentioned my current obsession with all things glitter ;)

She responded a day and a half later with the most ADORABLE header designs! I mean she #nailedit

We emailed back and forth a few times, she tweaked the design along the way until it was perfect for me! She was seriously so good at picking up what I was putting down!
Isn't it just perfect!?

I can't say enough good things about Gabby! If you are in the market for a new blog design, you have to go check her out!!
Gabby's Classrooms


  1. Looks terrific, Hadar! It's perfect for spring, too.

  2. Gorgeous! I'm a new blogger and absolutely love your blog and Gabby's designs!

  3. I love Gabby and she was a doll to work with when I redid my blog! Your header looks fabulous:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  4. Adorable! I love the "Miss" in silver glitter especially :)

  5. LOVE your new design! Thank you so much for sharing, I was just searching for inspiration to update my blog! Thanks!


  6. Your blog looks great!! I love the color combination!!!!

  7. Your new blog design is so appealing. (I liked the other one as well.) I like these new colors and the whole design works together very nicely. You rock!!

  8. Gabby just did mine a few weeks ago too. She was great to work with and very accomodating.
    Your new blog looks fabulous.
    Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips

  9. Wow! Your design looks awesome and so does her portfolio of other designs. Totally agree, she is undercharging for her hard work! When I get the redesign itch I am definitely consulting with her! :)

    Creating & Teaching

  10. After seeing your cute new blog, I had to check Gabby out! So glad I did!! She just finished updating my blog and!

    WILD About First Grade!


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