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Organizing Centers for the Entire Year

Recently, I've been getting tons of questions about how I organize my monthly centers so I wanted to share with you! While I prep my centers, everything is always strewn about the room. But with these ideas, I am organized in no time!

Materials needed:
1" 3-ring binder with clear pouch
Storage envelopes
Sheet protectors
Plastic baggies

I slide the cover page for each month into the clear pouch of the binder to keep myself organized.

Then I put the student/parent directions in a sheet protector and the master of the recording sheet {if applicable} behind that. Usually, the students are working on these centers independently, but it's always nice to have directions out in case I do have a parent volunteer. This way I don't have to spend time explaining to them what the students are expected to do!

I glue the teacher directions onto the front of a storage envelope and highlight any extra materials I need that I can't fit in the binder. When I quickly look at this I know all I need is the recording sheets and pencils/crayons/markers for my students to use for tracing.
 Inside the storage envelope are all the center pieces neatly kept in a plastic baggie.
This makes it really easy for me to set up centers and everything has a place when it's time to put the centers away whenever I get to it at the end of the month!

You can read more about these Back to School centers {here}. You can also see all the centers I've created for the entire year {here}. The MEGA BUNDLE is on sale 40% off through Friday, Aug 11!
You can also find FIRST GRADE centers for the year in my shop!

I also had a sweet reader create a table of contents that organize the skills included in ALL of my monthly centers! I am so thankful that she took the time to do that and even allowed me to share with all of you! This will be a quicker and easier way to find the skills you are looking for each month! Thanks Sarah!!! 

You can view the table of contents for Kindergarten {here}
{First Grade table of contents coming soon!}


  1. How do you teach the centers? Do you show the students one activity at a time? I rally want to start centers this year, I just have no idea how to make sure everyone knows what to do!

  2. So if you have, say 5 centers, in the "Cookin Up" set, you put all 5 centers into separate envelopes but all the envelopes go into that same binder? I have all mine in a tub currently and need a new way to store them!!

  3. Love love love the binder idea to keep everything organized!!

  4. Love love love the binder idea to keep everything organized!!


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