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Flashcards & Photo books

During my one of many trips to the Dollar Tree this summer, I found these really cute alphabet flashcards and I had to grab them because #onedollar ;) I loved that they had both upper and lowercase letters, in easy to read font and pictures that actually matched phonics rules! I knew I didn't need to hang them up since we already have several alphabet posters in our classroom, so when I saw the photo books I knew just what I wanted to do with them!
I cut the letters apart {and trimmed the edges a little because they were a little larger than the opening of the photo album} and stuck them in the book. The album I picked up had a plastic sleeve covering the outside which worked out perfectly because the alphabet has 26 letters and the photo album only had 24 pages! So I just stuck "a" and "z" on the inside covers.
Now I have the perfect little alphabet books for my students to "read" and trace the letters!

The flashcard set also came with numbers 1-10 so I grabbed another photo book and made a numbers album as well.
Now my students can practicing tracing their numbers too!

How fun are these quick and easy books for little hands?!
I think I will eventually make covers to slide into the albums, but that sounds like a job for another day ;) 


  1. Love this! Dollar Tree here I come! ;)

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  3. Such a great idea! I hadn't seen those but now I'm going to go look for them. :)

  4. Where did you find the albums? I have made sight word practice books with some I found but I haven't found any in a while! :)

  5. I always enjoy looking at your blog. I would love to look at your classroom! Transforming the flashcards into a mini album where students can trace the letters and numbers was a great idea! Yet another idea you have given me for my classroom. Thanks for sharing!


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