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Try it Free Tuesday {phoneme segmentation}

Thanks for stopping by week eight of Try it Free Tuesday 2015!
Each Tuesday this summer, I will be featuring a product or two that you are able to try out for FREE!
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Today's freebie is brought to you by the wonderful Ashley from One Sharp Bunch.
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Ashley is a Kindergarten teacher from Michigan.  This will be her 12th year teaching Kindergarten, and it is absolutely her passion.  Her most favorite time during the school day is guided reading and small group instruction.  Today, Ashley is sharing a sample from her CVC Bundle!

Help students easily identify the beginning, middle, and ending sounds with these color coded hands-on CVC activities!

During her small group instruction, Ashley takes a hands-on approach to teaching phoneme segmentation and blending.  She believes that students learn best when a variety of learning styles are incorporated.  By using these CVC Sliders, her students are able to visually identify the beginning, middle, and ending sound.  The color coded sliders also allow for some kinesthetic learning, as the students slide a bead for each phoneme.

Phoneme segmentation and blending is easy with color coded hands-on CVC Sliders!

Another phoneme segmentation trick Ashley uses are CVC Boxers.  The students simply push a color coded sound chip (i.e. bingo chip) into the box as they say each phoneme.

Help make phoneme segmentation easy with color coded CVC Boxers!  Simply slide a colored sound chip as you say each phoneme.

One of her students' favorite segmenting and blending activities are CVC Puzzles.  Working left to right is easy with color coding!
Color coded CVC puzzles help students easily identify the beginning, middle, and ending sounds, as well as work left to right!

If you'd like to read more about phoneme segmentation in Ashley's classroom, you can find her post here!  Don't forget to click the image below to give these color coded CVC Sliders, Boxers, or Puzzles a try in your classroom!

Download this amazing freebie today, August 4th ONLY! Be sure to tell your friends before time runs out!
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  1. Love this! It just dawned on me to match the magnet colors (green/yellow/red) - brilliant! Thanks :) Jen

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