November 2015 - Miss Kindergarten

Read and Reveal {vowel teams}

One of my all time favorite resources I created for my guided reading groups last year was my Read and Reveal cards! I found that they were really struggling blending their CVC words together, so I added some visual reminders to the words. Dots under each sound to remind them to touch and say each sound, and an arrow under the whole word as a reminder to blend all the sounds together. Then the best part...the hidden picture under the flap to "reveal" the word they read! Here's a video of one of my cuties reading the CVC read and reveal cards {you can just hear the excitement in her voice when she reads it correctly :)}.

I found that these cards really helped my emerging readers, but I also found I could use them for my kiddos who were ready to learn new phonics patterns! I made a set for blends and digraphs that still incorporated the short vowel sounds as well as magic e words {complete with a magic wand!}

I have had these vowel teams Read and Reveal cards on my to-do list for almost a year! I'm so happy I finally had a chance to sit down and get them done! The vowel teams each have one dot under the team to remind my students that they two vowels work together to make ONE sound!

Choose a card...

Touch each phoneme...

Read the word and reveal the picture!

I'm so excited to show these to my little readers!

The new vowel team read and reveal cards have also been added to my Read & Reveal Bundle! If you previously purchased the bundle, you can re-download and grab the updates for free!

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See & Stamp Math and Literacy Centers for December

My students are absolutely LOVING our stamping center. Something about stamps and ink pads are just so enthralling ;) Have you seen the self-inking alphabet stamps that Kristin from A Teeny Tiny Teacher shared about?! They're pretty awesome!
I just uploaded my See & Stamp centers for December and I wanted to share all the fun with you! This resource includes 4 literacy centers and 4 math centers!
Here's a closer look!
The lowercase letter center includes two printables. The students can either practice alphabetical order, or beginning sounds. They will choose a letter, stamp it on their paper and then draw a picture of something that starts with that letter. This one is definitely a favorite!
 Students will choose a present card and read the word on the tag. Then they will use their alphabet stamps to spell out the word.
More CVC words and beginning sounds practice! This time they will either stamp the first sound they hear in the word or all the sounds, depending on their abilities at this time of year!
I've also included 27 sight words to read and stamp, but if you have different words, do not fret! I included an editable PowerPoint file where you can type in the words you need!
For this math center, the kiddos will choose a number card and stamp the number. Then they'll stamp the number that comes before and after it.
We just started working on addition to 5 so some of my kiddos are definitely ready for this center! I also included a recording sheet just for the sum to differentiate for my littles that aren't quite ready to make number sentences on their own.
Stamping teen numbers!
I also included a count and stamp because this is a skill we always need to practice! I included visual patterns for my students who are able to mentally group and add.
I just love making these each month! If you love them too, you can view my See & Stamp Growing Bundle here! As I make a new set each month, I add it to the bundle! Soon it will include centers for each month of the school year! It is discounted as it grows!