March 2016 - Miss Kindergarten

April Math and Literacy Centers for Kindergarte

I can't believe April is almost here! This year is FLYING by! I just finished prepping some fun April themed centers and I wanted to share them with you!

Math Centers:
Base Ten Butterflies
This one is hands down my favorite center for this month! The kiddos will match the wings on the butterflies to make the teen number. The base ten block is the butterfly's body! How stinkin' cute!? It also is great for self correcting as the wing colors have to match!
Hatch & Match {ten frames}
We are continuing to work hard on quickly finding ten frame matches. This is such an important skill for incoming first graders so we never stop practicing!

Hop, Skip & Jump {counting by 2s}
We've worked really hard skip counting by 5s and 10s, and now we are introducing skip counting by 2s! Some of kids totally understand and some of them need lots more practice ;)

Roll and Cover {addition to 12}
My students like to play roll and cover in partners. They roll the dice, add the dots and cover the sum. They will play this forever ;)

Eggy Equations {missing addends}
We're working hard on addition and finding missing addends. In this center, my kiddos will count eggs on each card and figure out how many more are needed to make the sum.

Spin & Subtract
Students will spin the first spinner and write the number they spun in the first box. Then spin the second spinner and write the number of flowers in the second box. They will subtract to find the difference {I teach them to put the first number in their heads and count down with each flower they touch}. Then they cover or color that many flowers on the mat. They play until all the flowers are covered.

Literacy Centers:
CVC Baskets
The kiddos will use the letter eggs to spell out the CVC word on each basket!

Egg Hunt {sight word practice}
Another write the room activity. Hang the eggs around your classroom and have your students search for them. They will record their answers based on the number of letters in each word.

Rhyming Rabbits
Match the cards that rhyme and write or draw each set of rhymes on the recording sheet. I love rhyming at this time of the year because my students start to understand word families and they get really excited when they understand why the words rhyme!

Sentence Scrambles
Using what they know about sentences {uppercase letters at the beginning, punctuation at the end}, the students will unscramble the sentences until it makes sense. Then they will record the sentences on their sheet.

Jelly Bean Sort {long and short vowels}
The students will sort pictures by their vowel sounds. It's really important that they know a vowel can make 2 (or more!) sounds.

Rain Boot Blends {r and l blends}
Blends are so tough for little ones! It's really hard for them to differentiate the two sounds. In this activity, they will add a match the rain boots by listening to the beginning blend.

Do these look like something you could use in your class? You can purchase them in my TpT shop!

You can also find these centers in my Centers for the Year MEGA BUNDLE! It includes centers for every month of the year! If you own this bundle, the April centers are now yours! Anytime I add or update the centers, you get free access to the updates! Woohoo!


Chalkboard Copy Clothespins

First of all, can I just say I LOVE that chalkboards are making a comeback in the classroom!? Some thing about a pop of color on a black background is just so fun! But I am so happy that gross chalk is still a thing of the past! My nose is itchy just thinking about the dust!

Every time I'm out at Target {which let's get real, is a lot ;)} or at a local craft store, I always see such cute chalkboard stuff! So when Chalkola offered to send me a set of their new chalkboard markers to try out, I was thrilled! The thing I love about chalkboard markers is they have the appearance of chalk, but are SO much easier to use. Chalkola offers their markers in different sizes and they come in several different colors!
 Just like other chalkboard markers, you gotta shake and press several times the first time you use them, to get the ink flowing. Although the directions said to do it for 1-3 minutes, they started working in less than a minute! Perfect for my impatient self ;) The pack that I used is on sale at Amazon for less than $20!

When I stumbled across these adorable chalkboard clips at Michaels a few months back, I picked them up because who could resist?! I didn't have a use for them...yet...but I knew I would soon! And I was right!

A few years back, I created some copy clothespins for my classroom volunteers as a way to save on post-its and because, well, they are cute. Then I had the brilliant idea of turning these chalkboard clips into my  new copy clothespins!

When my parent volunteers come in to my classroom to help, they'll know exactly what I need done with each page!

These markers were SUPER easy to write with! Of course, I smudged the first one because I didn't wait long enough for it to dry, but it wiped off really quickly with a wet washcloth and didn't leave any residue on the chalkboard!

I also LOVED how the neon markers popped on the black background. I am definitely going to use the other colors more!

I stored the chalkboard markers ink-side down and clipped my copy clothespins around the cup. The directions on my clothespins are pretty generic, so they can stay on until I need to change them. But the thing I love about the chalkboard is that the markers are super easy to erase! If I need to change my direction, it won't be hard at all! And I won't have to throw away any post it notes ;)

I am super excited about my new copy clothespins and markers and I am definitely looking forward to using them for the rest of the school year!

Disclaimer: A representative from Chalkola contacted me to do an honest review of their products.  The opinions expressed in this post are my own and were not influenced by the company or the incentive given.