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Read & Reveal *exclusive freebie*

Have you tried Read and Reveal in your classroom?

My students are absolutely rocking their reading with these cards!
 I stuck all the cards in a basket and set it out on the table during guided reading. My students take turns picking a card, reading the word and checking to see if they read it correctly. As an incentive, I told my kiddos they can keep the card in front of them if they read it right, but they have to put it back if they didn't blend the word correctly. This is a definite motivator!
 My students practice reading by touching each letter, saying each sound and then sliding their finger along the arrow to blend the sounds together.
 After reading the word, they unclip the clothespin to reveal the picture!
 They love this "game" and I can already see an improvement in their reading!

Another fun way to store the cards is on a ring like Lauren from A Teachable Teacher!

Along with the CVC words, we also are practicing beginning and ending blends, magic e words, vowel teams and r-controlled vowels!
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All of these Read and Reveal cards are also available in a money saving bundle! get an EXCLUSIVE freebie!

When you purchase the Read and Reveal Bundle, you get Read and Reveal Letter Sounds too! This set is ONLY available in the bundle! These are perfect for practicing letter recognition and sounds at the beginning of the year!


  1. I teach pre-k (students who are age appropriate for kinder but whose parents chose to wait a year before starting) and we LOVE the cvc Read and Reveal! My students choose them at choice time EVERY DAY! I think they are one of the best tpt purchases EVER! I wish I could get letter sounds for the beginning of the year but I just won't use the rest of the bundle since I teach pre-k! THANK YOU for creating such engaging products!

    1. Sara email me, I wanna hear about how you use them with your students! :)

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  3. My kindergarten students love Read and Reveal. It gives them success and they can use them in all sorts of new ways. Some of my students like to use them for journal time.


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