October 2016 - Miss Kindergarten

Ruby James {three months}

This month started out a little rough...Ruby sure was growing and it seemed as if only I could comfort her! I know this phase in her life won't last long, so I don't mind it one bit!

Ruby has been working super hard during tummy time! She's now able to hold her head up briefly, which is a feat if you consider that big ol' noggin she has to hold up ;)

She also found her hands and loves to taste them!

This month, she practiced sleeping in her crib a few nights a week. She did a great job and even lasted through the night a few times! She still loves napping in my bed during the day tho ;)

She sneezes no less than 4 times in a row and she might have the cutest sneeze in the world! Every time we go out in the sun, she sneezes...just like me!

She has started to learn to grab things purposefully. I think her Wubanub really helped with that skill! She loves her books and that warms my heart!

She also loves:
Hanging out at Mimi's

Bath time at Nani's

Shopping at Target with mommy

And watching football with daddy!

This month, Ruby had her first swim class! She surprised me with how much she loved the water, but I should've known!

And she also had her first trip to Ruby's!

And her very first road trip to Ojai!

We also got to watch Vin Scully call his last game!

And celebrated our first Rosh HaShana!

 I love you, little monkey baby!