November 2016 - Miss Kindergarten

Read and Reveal Organization Labels

Over the summer, I found these perfect storage tubs on clearance at Target. {of course ;)}
I knew they would be the PERFECT solution for organizing my Read and Reveal cards, since at the time they were randomly strewn all over my classroom with no rhyme or reason!
They are called IRIS Photo Keepers. I don't think Target sells them anymore, but you can find them at Joann's or on trusty ol' Amazon. Michaels also has some in pretty colors!

 I also finally had the chance to make some labels for each of my Read and Reveal sets! I have one for almost every spelling pattern possible, so you can image why organizing them got tough!

To get started, I printed, laminated and cut out the labels.

Then I used double sided tape to adhere the cover onto the top and front of the tub. I have found that double-sided tape usually sticks the best to things that are laminated.

Then I sorted through my cards, placed them inside the mini photo cases and taped a label on top.

Our Read and Reveal cards fit perfectly inside when they're folded! So now, when we are learning a new skill and I want to change out this center, I just pull out the photo case I need, add clothespins and stick them into the center tub!

I did the same for our Write and Reveal cards too!

It makes me so happy that the ring of cards AND the dry-erase marker fit perfectly in the case!

If you want to organize your Read and Reveal or Write and Reveal centers too, you can grab these labels in my TpT shop for free! Click the images below! They can also fit inside of clear shoe box tubs in case you can't find these photo cases!

Want to learn more about my Read and Reveal or Write and Reveal cards? They are a staple in my reading groups and literacy centers! You can read more about them on my blog by following the links below.

Read and Reveal

Write and Reveal

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Ruby James {four months}

This past month was a big one for us! We transitioned Ruby into her crib in her own room and she sleeps like a champ in there! Now I just need to work on sleeping too ;)

We had a lot of fun doing all things Halloween this month! Ruby visited her very first pumpkin patch!
{shirt from LaLaThreads}

She loved dressing up as a ballerina!

But did not enjoy being an Ewok haha!

She also became a member at LACMA! She loves art just like her daddy ;)

We celebrated Ruby turning 100 days old with donuts!

And she got to watch the Dodgers play in the playoffs!

She has been working hard on holding her head up and exploring all these cool toys with Mimi.

We went to her first birthday party and she stayed up for most of it ;)

She's working on sitting up although it's not her favorite thing to do.
She'd rather stand any day!

She has gotten a lot better at tummy time though! Go Ruby!

We had one day of cold weather ;) so she get to wear her cute sweater from Aunt-E!

Love you sweet baby girl!