December 2016 - Miss Kindergarten

Ruby James {five months}

Oh Ruby girl, you are growing up so fast! Look at this sweet smile!

She adores her puppy! She loves to pet him and he makes her laugh!

She grabs onto anything she can!

This month, she practiced sitting in her high chair and learning how to eat with a spoon!

She has been working really hard during tummy time...

and of course Rando is never far behind ;)

 The weather cooled down a bit so she got to wear all her sweaters and jackets!

She even made a turkey hand print with her baby friends!

She continues to be a happy, smiley baby!

And she LOVES her bouncer! She can't get enough of it!

We celebrated her first Thanksgiving.

And took pictures in front of the BIG Christmas tree! 

This girl adores her daddy!

Love you Ruby!