Ruby James {seven months} - Miss Kindergarten

Ruby James {seven months}

Well, it's happened! Ruby is officially closer to one year than she is a newborn! #cuethetears
Ruby continued to hit tons of milestones this month!

The day after she turned six months, she sat up completely on her own! We were at her six month check-up and it was so exciting to watch her! 

She LOVES playing with her toy box! She pulls every toy out until she finds her favorite ;)

She also loves her early morning walks with daddy & Rando. It's been cold here for us in So Cal so she has to wear her warm and cozy clothes when they go out.

We went to her first My Gym class! She loved exploring and playing!

 She's turning into a blondie!

And she loves taking selfies ;)

We've been exploring solids and she loves to make a mess although doesn't love to eat just yet! She always wants to hold the spoon and feed herself! So far, sweet peas seem to be the winner!
We had a warm weekend and visited the beach. Ruby loved it! She was all smiles the whole time!

What a fun month! We love you sweet Ruby!

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