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Ruby James {eight months}

I feel like I just did a monthly update, and here I am again! Ruby is now 8 months! Whoa!

We celebrated Ruby's first Valentine's Day!

 She got the sweetest little Valentines from her grandparents :)

She also loves to stand any chance she gets!

She loves to play with her blocks {mostly eat them ;)} and she laughs and laughs when I stack them up and knock them over, it's so cute!

She still loves books! Her favorite book is Time for Bed which we read before bed every night. One night when I was reading it to her, I noticed she smiled and was super happy when we got to the last page. I tried it again several times to see if she recognized the last page or if it was a total fluke, and she did it every time! She now smiles and pets the little girls face every night. Melts my heart!!!

She's still not so sure about eating anything that isn't milk ;) but she loves to sit up in the high chair when we go out to eat!

She loves music class! She shakes the maraca and "sings" along!

And she loves playing in the ball pit at MyGym!

Ruby & Rando continue to be inseparable and I know they are going to love growing up together!

Happy 8 months baby girl!

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