Ruby James {nine months} - Miss Kindergarten

Ruby James {nine months}

Sweet Ruby is 9 months old! We had a fun month full of milestones, traveling, giggles and fun!

We headed to Arizona for Spring Training in early March. It was Ruby's first time out of state and she did fabulous on the drive out and back! She slept a lot which was nice for all of us ;)

First stop of the road trip...doing it right!

Ruby was very excited to cheer on the Dodgers in AZ!

She also had a great time lounging by the pool!

Do you see her alfalfa hair?! She was born with that little chunk and it's so fun now that it's getting longer! Her hair is also really curly when she gets out of the bath!

We put her first hair clip in on St. Patrick's Day! Too cute for words!

She still loves going to MyGym and making new friends!

She is definitely a daddy's girl! Smiles so big and laughs so hard when she plays with him! It is so cute to watch.

Here is her famous yoga pose! It is her go to position when sitting. She has also mastered pulling her body forward, swinging her legs behind and landing on her belly. She's also learned how to army crawl and loves pulling herself around going after her favorite toys :)

It sure has been a fun month!

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