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Using DYMO MobileLabeler in the Classroom

If you know anything about me, you know how much I love labeling things and getting organized! So I was thrilled when DYMO contacted me and asked to review their MobileLabeler. The DYMO MobileLabeler is a personal label maker that connects to your smartphone and allows you to easily create labels in seconds! The app is very straight forward and simple to follow.

I started with the 1” label cassette to make labels for my classroom supplies. There were several fun fonts to choose from so I went with a more “crafty” looking font.

The paper backing was really easy to remove from the label with the split backing feature. It took me 5 minutes from start to finish to create, print, and adhere six labels to my bins!

I love that the labels are large enough to see clearly, but the items inside the bins are still visible.

Then, I used the label maker to label my “teacher” pencils. These are the pencils that I keep at my guided reading table, and ones that I want to stay there! Labeling them helps my students remember where they stay. I also reward my great listeners during guided reading with the opportunity to use MY pencil. They think it is the absolute best! To make smaller labels, I switched the label cassette out to the ½” labels and typed in extra spaces after the word so that the label printed longer.

Another great feature about the cassette labels is the variety of colors they come in. I wanted the labels to stand out, so I printed them in red. The nice thing about the DYMOapp is it allows you to save your projects as you go, so I did not have to recreate the name label each time. I simply saved this label under “teacher” and the next time I need another label, I just can print and adhere! Super quick and easy!

The durable labels feature industrial-strength adhesive that resist peeling so they will stay on until I cut them off! None of my students will be able to pick the label off when they’re using the pencils {not that that ever happens…but just in case 😉

I enjoyed using the label maker and I am looking forward to labeling more things throughout the year!

Disclosure: I received compensation in exchange for writing this review, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Oooohhhh I would love to get my hands on one of those! My fingers are itching at the thought of the labels I coiuld make on the go throughout the day. I have an older model DYMO label maker that a colleague had still new in the package and gave to me because she never got around to using it and knew how organized I loved to be. I labeled everything! This year I moved down to K from 5th and I bought 3 DYMO cartridges right off the bat. I've already labeled their pictures for the birthday chart, job chart, and grouping chart. I love labels!


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