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Race Track Reading with DYMO

If there’s one important thing you need to remember when teaching young learners to read, it’s to make the learning FUN! Young children learn through play, so why not capitalize on this? You can turn any learning activity into a game and your kiddos will eat.it.up.

Today I have a fun activity to share with you to help your students practice reading letters, sounds, sight words, and more! Here’s what you need to create the activity: 

*Label Cassettes
*Race Tracks 
{I got this fun race track tape at a local store, but you can simply print a race track from your computer if you don’t have this tape}
*Toy cars

Earlier this year, I received a DYMO MobileLabeler and used it to label my classroom supplies. I loved how simple and quick it was to use! It certainly did not disappoint for this project either. It was really easy for me to create labels for the 3 different race tracks.

First, I used the 1” label cassette and typed out a string of letters in the DYMO app. Letter recognition and letter sounds is the basis of teaching children how to read, so I wanted these letters to be large and bright. I knew they needed to stand out on the track.

After the string of letters printed out, I cut them apart and adhered them onto the track. The split backing feature on the label tape is amazing. It makes peeling the sticky labels of the backing super simple!

I created several letter tracks in under 10 minutes! Now my students can practice saying the letters {or letter sounds, depending on what I want them to work on} by driving their toy car over the track. Every time they get to a letter, they say the letter or the sound as they drive over it! 

I also created some tracks to practice short vowel words and sight words. I used the smaller ½” labels for these since I knew they would take up more space on the track. The great thing about the DYMO app is it allows you to change the fonts on your labels. I used a more “kid friendly” font for the short vowel words and a more “text” looking font for the sight words. Same concept for these tracks...drive your toy car over it and read the word!

I am excited to share these with my class, I know they will love them!
Thank you DYMO MobileLabeler for helping to make learning FUN!

Disclosure: I received compensation in exchange for writing this review, however all opinions are my own.

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